Andang’s First Impressions of Western Gondor


It has been about eight months since we have had sizable content added to LOTRO.  Sure we had Update 13 that brought the conclusion of Volume 3 but that was a mere blip on the radar compared to the normal content we receive.  Not only does Gondor provide the rain to our content drought but it also brings several new types of architecture, social structure, group of people and, possibly most importantly, new landscape.  The landscape of Gondor!

From the Paths of the Dead to the Sea, there are all kinds of new art assets and various things to explore.  My favorite new addition to the landscape has to be the paroling ships.  It gives an extra level of detail and really helps the scope of the conflict come to life.

Gondor Impression Image

It is not all sunny rainbows though as the new content puts us once again on the back door of a new civilization. It takes a long time to go through the house that is Gondor, especially if we are going to be stopping and admiring each room.  While it is nice to be treated like a hero in Gondor, we are not really doing the epic tasks on the level of things like in Western Rohan.

I suppose a reset in excitement is normal though at the start of a new volume to LOTRO.  Thankfully this time we don’t have to go back to Galadril or Elrond.  We simply start with Éowyn and quickly get into the new area.  

It actually fealt a little too quick as we rushed through Paths of the Dead with maybe two quests in the whole area.  For the amount of marketing they are giving the place, I find it weird that there is nothing in the Paths of the Dead beyond those two quests until the end game.  There is so much potential for story and interesting developments of maybe orcs moving in to the evil place as they do in various other areas in Middle-earth that have been in evil hands for a long time.

I do like the plot of the ruthless dead causing trouble in Western Gondor though.  I think it makes a lot of sense that the animals would be terrified of the dead moving through; even if it was just Aragorn’s army, let alone the ruthless dead Turbine added.  The Ruthless Dead are a really interesting story plot point and I can’t wait to see how far Turbine will go with their story.

Overall I am really enjoying my time in Western Gondor.  While it is not quite as exciting as I was hoping, I am only a few hours in to a completely new story.  There is still plenty of time for Turbine to blow me away as they have done with every new major addition to the game.

If you want to see my impressions of the rest of the zone, you can watch my commentary series as I make my way through Western Gondor.

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What do you think of Western Gondor so far?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. My impression was the same with the speed at which we were thrust into Gondor. I actually wanted to have some type of instance where we see a fellbeast flying around Edoras.
    The other thing is, and I noticed this in beta but not sure if it is live, if you go to Beaconwatch in the Westfold, the beacon was not lit. Is that still the case?
    If that is lit, perhaps it would have been great to be apart of the delivery to Edoras that Minus Tirith called for aid.
    Oh, and those little boats aren’t bobbing. Just sayin’.

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      Seven Swans are Sinking 🙂 Why are there no cats or dogs in Dol Amroth?

      I would have expected one Kitty!

    • Andang /

      They don’t bob but there are a few that patrol. At least there was in the final version of Beta.

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I loved the new landscape but from what I am hearing another eight weeks would have been enough time for more story and finishing touches to the wonderful scenes we enjoy.


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