Poll: Would You Pay For a New Hobby?


It has been a long time since the hobby system was introduced and we have not received a new one since then.  Some hobby ideas over the years have included golf, pipe-weed growth competitions, drinking competitions, butterfly collecting and jousting.  Would you pay for a new hobby?

What are you looking forward to most with Update 18?

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  1. Hagu /

    Exception – due to horrible memories in WoW Northrend I would never pay for jousting.

    We are starting to see more cosmetic pets, so hobby that involves pets would seem to fit. (Pets being monetizable without P2W does not hurt.) Maybe a pet whisperer hobby could change pet colors or grow a Bind-to-account clone of an existing pet or just get a new pet. Or make pet outfits or get pets with cosmetics.

  2. Tsu /

    Surely pet fighting is too cliche!

    When they bring the ferret pet into game they can create a ferret in trouser mini game?

    Pet snail – snail racing…same for frogs…

    What about horse breeding…breed your own thoroughbred?
    (also Goats and whatever next they make rideable…)

  3. Ryzis /

    I don’t think I’d pay for a new hobby, but pay for a new feature of the hobby maybe. Like if they put in golf, it should be open to everyone, but if you want new courses they can charge for new golf courses in different areas. Start off with free starter areas like Shire themed course, Bree themed course, etc. Then pay for other areas like Evendim, Angmar, Rohan courses, etc. Rewards would be golf cosmetics 🙂
    (Hey, I should get paid for this idea *wink wink*)

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