LOTRO Outfits: Protector of the Shire


I was planning to do a hobbit outfit for this week but I wasn’t sure what kind of outfit to make. Everything I seemed to try was too similar to the Mathom Society Record-keeper’s outfit I made. While trying to get some more ideas I was aimlessly looking through the outfits my hobbit already had in her character journal and found the jacket from this outfit. It gave me the perfect inspiration for a heavy armour focused hobbit outfit! I love the greens and golds in this outfit and love the look of the heavy jacket, too. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Cute for a Guardian! I love the colour scheme.

  2. Tim /

    The helm reminds me of Pippin’s from Peter Jackson’s Return of the King movie. If she is Guard of the Shire Citadel, where’s the citadel?

    • Cithryth /

      The Shire Citadel is made of pies. Or I guess I should say ‘was’. The hobbits ate them and now there is no more Shire Citadel.

      • Tim /

        Leave it to hobbits to build a citadel out of a material they can’t help but eat.


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