LOTROCast Episode 64 – Lions and Tigers and Beornings….oh my!


Hi all-

Welcome to Episode 64 – Lions and Tigers and Beornings…oh my!  In this episode will discuss:

The News!

“I’m going on a Quest!”
Is a reality series based on LARPing a double negative?

Renaming of the Hobbit

Gollum trains the Hulk

Game Reviews

For Reference LOTRO is an A-

The Secret World (B+)

The Elder Scrolls (B-)

HOTS:  The Problem with Beornings

Official Announcement

I hope you enjoy the show.





  1. davidt /

    I think the Beorning class is less a Turbine creation than a WB creation, to place a Hobbit Movie character into the game in an attempt to draw movie goers into the game.

    • Alberos /

      I also thought this was driven by the WB. However, Turbine is responsible for executing the idea so I think it still falls squarely on them execute this the right way.

  2. Rabbitses /

    I was really looking forward to listening to this. Unfortunately the sound volume is so low I can’t hear it through my headphones. Its even quieter than mmorerter. I’ve tried several different headphones. Its extremely frustrating.

  3. Alberos /

    Hi Rabbitses

    Sorry to hear you can’t hear the podcast. I will look into boosting the volume and repost if I can.

    Does anyone else have this audio issue?


    • Rabbitses /

      Hey thanks for the response! I work around light machinery, and thats when I listen to my podcasts, and I’m able to hear all the other podcasts I listen to just fine. I’ll be sure to listen to this show in a quieter place because I’m sure it’s awesome, but if you could make it louder without ruining it for other people that would be great!

      Rabbitses Starkfoot the Brave


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