LOTRO Academy: 90 – Quest Pack Review: Forochel


LOTRO Academy: 90 - Quest Pack Review: ForochelBranick, Mysteri, Pineleaf, and Draculetta return with another Quest Pack Review episode to help you decide if Forochel is worth your hard-earned Turbine Points. Thanks for listening.


  1. Ethelros /

    God-damn tricksy Skype alerts. Made me look at my own twice.

    Also Flying Lalia is an appropriate description.

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Great Show, I like to visit Forochel but i wouldn’t want to live there. As a super zippy hunter I don’t mind the travel 🙂 The skies and views are pretty and OLIPHANTS!

    “A” Grade from me.

    • I like Forochel, esp for the views, but it was one of the last quest packs I got.

      The level range is quite narrow, and there are no instances, so it seems less value-for-money than some of the others.

    • Oops that was just meant to be a comment, not a reply to your comment.

  3. Eirlog Musclegut /

    Travel is a pain in Forochel… I think the stable unlocks by a) getting acquaintance with the Lossoch (allows you to travel from Evendim to the first village in Southern Forochel, and b) the rest of the stables will become available if discovered and getting the first tier of the quest deed done.

    You can travel from Suri-Kura tot he western edge of the Bay if you’re VIP AND have completed a specific quest involving totems on the western side – still a pain.

    I wish they had a proper instance in Forochel (SamiSuma doesn’t count as In Your Absence comes with Enedwaith). That would make it more worthwhile and more akin to Misty Mountains (as it has Helegrod) for F2P players.

  4. Braag Son of Balin /

    The quest needed to open the Fast Travel Route to Kuru-Leiri is called “The Frozen Wars” I believe. It is picked up in the Main Hall at Suri-Kyla and entails lighting six torches North of Zigulgund a bit, just SW of the corner of the Bay, near where the ‘Tor Hammors’ (sp?)encounter that was mentioned on the podcast normally spawns. I always try to unlock that quest on my way through. It was crucial back in the day when everyone was running the bounty quests out of Esteldin (or if you wanted to do the epic on that toon!). I also like visiting the Ice Giants in the foothills of the Western mountain range. I believe that little ice crevasse is the only place in the entire game that I have seen them!
    Forochel is a beautiful zone and more than anything, we need reasons to go back! So, my big ideas is this: Find a way to tie it into the Winter Festival of course! You would need swift travel to a safe area (perhaps close to Syra-Kyla) and the new “Ice Maze”. Similar to the Hedge maze used in summer festivals, but with reflective walls, much like a house of mirrors would be! (we have mirrors that have been introduced in homes in Rohan, so let’s put that ‘Ray Tracing’ algorithm to good use!).
    Also, I have always been intrigued by the Gateway at the end of the ‘Iron Span’ along the Eastern edge of the zone right next to one of the ‘In Your Absence’ runestones. That calls out ‘Raid’ to me or at least connect it through to the NW edge of Angmar, perhaps a passage that only opens once you complete the raid?!?!?
    Great Show. Thanks,

    Braag of Vilya..

  5. Good episode guys! Keep up the great work!

    Regarding the Quest count discrepancies. I’ve noticed in some of the zones, there are some quests which are only triggered by a random item drops from a mob kill. I can recall a bear hide in trollshaws as one example.

  6. Robinhead /

    At the end of the episode you said Forochel was your SECOND best wintry zone. (I believe you also indicated there was a point where Forochel goes bad but I couldn’t understand) What is your first.

    • I don’t remember an indication that Forochel “goes bad,” but I should listen again. I may have forgotten something. As to my favorite wintry zone? That’s easy. Wildermore. 🙂

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