LOTRO Academy: 89 – LOTRO Goals for 2014


LOTRO Academy: 89 - LOTRO Goals for 2014
Branick, Mysteri, Pineleaf, and Draculetta finally get around to celebrating the New Year with the 2014 LOTRO Goals episode. Thanks for listening.


  1. Well, I had 3 goals from last year’s ep comments:

    1. All classes to 95: DONE!
    2. Max all my tradeskills and guild standing, with an out to make some progress in cooking: DONE+! Maxed cooking guild as well.
    3. Run three 3-man instances with my kin: wah-WAHHH. I did get two in, but the kinnies have largely stopped logging in.

    Due to that, I’ve made (and got to 95) an extra Cap on Brandywine to spice it up… so, for 2014:

    1. Get all ten 95s to finish the HD content.
    2. Get all ten into full level 95 cyan gear or better.
    3. Get new Brandywine Cap to 5×18 virtues.
    4. Get him to max guild standing.
    5. Run more instances!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    A very enjoyable podcast!

    Lilikate’s Goals for 2014:

    Complete Lilikate’s Creatures: Ered Luin – 8 Episodes and One Oliphant Special with Bluebonnet.

    Attend the recordings of Lotro Players News and LOTRO Players Adventures with Voice Chat.

    Get the Starlight Orchestra to play a concert with 24 members.

    Get Lilikate to Level 80 by New Years.

    Complete all solo content in Angmar, Misty Mountains and Eregion. Well see about Enedwaith.

    Think about entering Moria! (I have completed much of Moria on Windfola Lilikate).

    Help Myst with the Fellowship Walk

    Record new Small LOTRO Adventures with Lizzy

    Start my own Band! “Lilikate and her Amazing Strolling Creatures Band”.

  3. Kazren /

    Hi. I had to stop, while still listening, to let Pineleaf know about the cure for the blue “Way of the Smiths.” It happened to me on all my alts, even when in 12-man skirms. The cure is to go to your graphic settings and put it at lest one step lower than you have it set for. That will cure it.

  4. Kazren /

    For Branick – love the new logo for the podcasts -with the beautiful green scenery.

    • Thanks Kazren 🙂 Since the featured image no longer has to fit on a horizontal slider on the LOTRO Player homepage I decided to try something new with the episode artwork going forward. I used to have what I called a “title card” for each episode’s post, and a standard LOTRO Academy image for the embedded cover art in every episode. Now, I’m basically designing an original cover art unique to each episode and using that as the featured image as well. I’m glad you like the look of Episode 89’s cover, and hope you continue to like the new covers to come. 🙂 Episode 90 should be out soon…ish…™ 🙂

  5. Congrats on all your accomplished tasks, and best of luck for 2014’s goals!

    As per my 2013 goals:

    1) “get at least 2-3 characters of mine that are currently sub-50 to the level cap as of now (85)” // VERDICT: Uh, nope. The best I could do is getting a mini to around 70, and warden around 60. I think they were both sub-50, or hovering around that marker. Failed!

    2) ” I’d love to write up another LOTRO guide of some kind – no topic yet set” // VERDICT: I think I’d consider my goal met. My major guide written this year was a complete overhauled re-write of my original reputation guide. I was honored to join the awesome contributors here at LOTRO Players, and appreciate all of them for the continued support.

    3) ” I guess I’d say that I would love to raid (or at least group) a bit more” // VERDICT: Although I cannot quantify the actual number of instances completed (vs those 2012 and earlier), I’d say this goal was met as well. I believe I have done more group content in 2013, whether they were skirmish raids, or other instances with other users (whether the instance was set to my level or lower did not matter).


    So I guess on to 2014 goals?

    1) Get both my Riddermark lore-master (currently 44) and my Arkenstone captain (currently 46) to at least level 75. Alas, no combining their levels, or I’d be done already! 😉

    2) In honor of Pineleaf’s “Skirmisher of Middle Earth” (SoME) goal, I’d like to get ONE character (most likely my main, Riddermark hunter) to attain the SoME title. I think he already has decent progress, so finishing it off would be great.

    3) I would like to complete at least one raid that I have not done before (BG, any OD wing, Flight or Smaug [Erebor], Saruman [ToO], or DN), and two 6-man instances that I have not done before (Roots of Fangorn, Foundry, Lost Temple). Level does not matter – it’s the experience that counts.

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