New Years with “The Remediators”


As the new year came about in the lands of Middle Earth, memories of yester night’s fireworks continue to illuminate the mind. In celebration of this new year, “The Remediators” hosted a grand concert at 5pm (server-time) Jan 1st, 2014 at the West Gate of Bree on Landroval.

ScreenShot00023Despite a few stumbles in timing, regrouping of music and having lost a few members prior to their performance, they shuffled their notes of music between song to allow the listeners a quick enjoyment of the music.  As the concert continued the audience grew.  Dressed in black velvet dresses and vests, and a mix of Elves and Dwarves

With quick footed dances, and revelary about, the audience skittered about before the tall gates as the sun drifted over head. With drifting clouds moving slowly about the sky casting a deep shadow over the songs, the kiss of the sun  glinted upon the horizon.

Tongiht’s performance gave us a wide range of music, which included Radetzky March, Donauwellen, Roses From the South, California Dreaming, Hazy Shade of Winter, Auld Lang Syne, He’s a Pirate, Dancing Queen and Hallelujah Chorus.

The members of “The Remediators” include: Andilras, Briallan (Concert Mistress), Brytford, Ringolion, Siggarek, Dendroc, Hobbedoc, Hobbelion, Krokur, Raventrick and Siltharan.

The RemediatorsWho are The Remediators?

The Remediators are formed of students from an on-line class that took place this last autumn:
Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative offered by Vanderbilt University through Coursera, and taught by Jay Clayton. The class focused on remediation, that is, the way art is presented in different forms. An oral story to a play to a book to a film to a game… all steps of remediation of the original. That concept led to our name.
The Kinship formed on Landroval by students of “The Courserrim”.  They have a Facebook page under Online Games: Coursera: Lotro: Landroval . They also have a GuildLaunch site at
Even though they are all former students of that course, not all of the Remediators belong to the Courserrim. Some of them were in kinships of our own before the class, so The Remediators is really a “cross-kinship” band.
Contact Info:
Twitter:  @Remediators
Facebook:  (BRAND spanking new, not much there yet)
YouTube Playlist:


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