Winterstock 2014!



Winterstock is coming!

Winterstock is a 4 day event, starting on Friday January 17th and will run until the 20th.  The event takes place on the Landroval server outside of Thorin’s Hall, just next to the Silverdeep Mine in the eastern part of the area.  There will be 20bands!  No you didn’t read wrong, there will be 20 bands!  Each band will have a full hour to play their music for fun since there is no competition at Winterstock.

The 20 bands include:

The Andune Ensemble
Animal House
Bara Bahau
Bards Beers and LongBeards
Bright Star
Les Beaux Chapeaux
The Breakfast Club
Les Chantefables
The Chosen Few
Hobbiton Philharmonic
Die Meisterbarden von Bree
Mornie Alantie
Muckin Fuddle
Old Winyards
The Remediators
A Rock and a Hard Place
Runic Knights Orchestra
The Shades
The Songburrow Strollers

Under The Sunlit Sky

Please note that performing bands are subject to change.

All players need is a level 6 to 7 character. Travel to Thorin’s Gate via stable from Bree, Celondim or Michel Delving.

Schedule for the 4 day event:


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  1. Mzrts12 /

    hmmm so close to Edhelion, why not in there? be nice to see that place used for SOMEthing. :( or even the smaller ruins outside edhelion, where elves/dwarves start.

    • Floradine /

      I think the place is simply too small to host hundreds of visitors. And since it’s a place for contemplation I would also think it’s also a bit inappropriate. Maybe a nice elven concert would fit there very well. Maybe The Shades or Andunie would be the right ones to chose Edhelion for one of their concerts one day.

  2. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Yippee! One for the diary

  3. Floradine /

    We are quite stunned to announce that we now have 20 bands playing at Winterstock!

    • Floradine /

      The 20th band is “Under The Sunlit Sky” and will play on Saturday from 5pm to 6pm (see updated schedule poster)

  4. The Blue Mountain Classic event is a horse race and winter-themed mounted fashion contest. The horse race is for +62% (standard) horses, ponies and goats. The audience votes for the fashion winners and all steeds are allowed in this event. There are prizes for the top three winners in each contest.

    • We have 3 events — A horse race, mounted fashion contest, and trivia game. The prizes are 1,000 Turbine Points for first, second and third place at each event.

  5. are you awarding titles similar to Weatherstock?

    • Andang /

      I haven’t heard anything about titles but you never know. It is up to the organizers and Turbine to decide.


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