An Unexpected Vidcast – Episode 26 – The Best of 2013

With Pashbo and Rubyrae having been very busy with Yule activities, this week’s Vidcast provides a Top Ten run down of Pashbo’s favourite moments from 2013’s shows.  Thanks very much for watching this year, and here is to 2014!

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  1. It is really amazing how creative this podcast has been in only 26 episodes! Keep up the great work all involved!

    • AnUnexpectedVidcast /

      Thanks Andang for the kind words. The vidcast is a great pleasure to do, and I am always really grateful that some enjoy it

  2. Lillietta /

    Always entertaining – something fun for Sundays. Looking forward to the New Year!

    • AnUnexpectedVidcast /

      Thanks Lillietta, I’m glad you enjoy it. I have a few good ideas for 2014 – I just need to be realistic about what I can physically do (my efforts to do a full cast of AUV rendition of Feed the World Winterhome style failed miserably much to my disappointment) :D

    • AnUnexpectedVidcast /

      Thank you very much. Glad you enjoy it. Cheers for your support :)

  3. Oh I FINALLY got the puddle song out of my head, and here it is again!! lol

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