LOTRO Academy: 86 – And Then Some


LOTRO Academy: 86 - And Then Some
Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf are joined by Achazia from the popular in-game LOTRO band The Shades, and by Cari from LOTRO Reporter for this episode. Thanks for listening.


  1. Achazia /

    Thanks for inviting me!!!
    Was as always lovely to join.

    Congratz again 🙂

  2. Branhild /

    Congratulations on your 100th episode!

  3. A Big Congrats! On Hitting The 100 Mark!!!!!

  4. Nice episode, and congrats on the awesome milestone! It’s been a blast listening to the episodes and playing/chatting with y’all @ the Friday sessions. Here’s to a hundred more, hopefully our furry-footed friend will be closer in getting that ring to Mordor by then!

  5. Andang /

    Great episode! Now on to 200!

  6. Braag Son of Balin /

    Hey gang. Congratulations on the milestone. The accolades are well deserved. Thanks for all you do for the Lotro Community. I was especially gratified to hear so many mentions of the Legendary Items Episodes among the lists of memorable podcasts and glad I could be a big part of that. It’s hard to tell but I THINK most of the comments were complimentary. 🙂 I know it was a lot of dense info, but HEY, I didn’t WRITE the system, I just helped organize the outline to explain it! Looking forward to your next 100!
    – Braag of Vilya
    “No Fun of any kind!”

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