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I’ve recently made some emote shortcuts for the festival dances and for the emotes which contribute towards a deed.  As I have to look this up *every* single time and thought I can’t be alone…, I thought I’d share the how to and include a handy reference guide to the quickslot numbers 🙂

To make a shortcut for an emote, type:

/shortcut XX /nameofemote

so to make a shortcut for the emote ‘cheer’ to be placed in your first quickslot, type:

/shortcut 1 /cheer

There are 6 available toolbars – named under UI as Toolbar (main bar) and Quickslots 1-5.  Each slot on these toolbars has its own number used to identify it in a shortcut.



For more information about shortcuts and aliases, see this page on the lotro wiki.


  1. Ah, that’s pretty neat, thanks for the tip! In the past, I had always just temporarily moved skills off the main toolbar to bind a shortcut to 1-12, then manually moved those shortcuts to a quickslot bar if so desired.

    I didn’t realize the # just kept going up for the Quickslot bars – thanks again! 🙂

  2. eldaeriel /

    glad it helped 🙂

  3. Great cheat-sheet!

  4. knowfere /

    with the lyrical program at lotrointerface you can type in emotes AND a /say message like:

    Hello, how are you today?

    after you save them, you can click the “do” button twice real quick and it will perform both things instantly.

  5. eldaeriel /

    thanks for the comments and thanks both for the plugin suggestions – I’ll add them to the original article 🙂


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