An Unexpected Power Outage (Updated 7:45 Server Time)



The forces of Saruman are making an all-out effort to prevent the release of Helm’s Deep by sabotaging the power system at the Turbine data centers on the lats night prior to the release of the new expansion.

The good news is that power has been restored as the folk at Turbine are verifying the systems to ensure that it will be safe to bring the worlds back on line. This may take some time and Turbine currently has no ETA on when the worlds will be back in service.

Update (Monday 4:30 AM): As of the early morning on Monday, Turbine is still working on restoring the game worlds in response to the power outage the previous night.According the the Turbine Facebook page:

We are temporarily delaying the launch of Helm’s Deep while we work to address remaining issues, and will provide more information later this morning. We thank you for your continued patience, and will keep you updated.

We are not completely sure what that means yet but I will not count on the servers coming back up before the expansion launch.

Update (Monday 7:00 AM): The game worlds are back up with the pre-HD build. Turbine continues to investigate the outage and have decided to investigate the issue before implementing the Helm’s Deep update. The do not yet have a time frame.

Update (Monday 7:45 AM): The worlds listed below are experiencing log in issues that are also being investigated. The remaining worlds are up but the launch of Helm’s Deep is delayed until the investigation on the effects of the power outage and the log in issues on the listed worlds are completed.




  1. I am actually hoping they put off HD at least a day while they stabalize the servers…I would not complain about an extra week to build up some house ownership due to lastest housing storage cost rumours…but at least let me hand in my bounders tokens I collected this weekend and let my hard working Dwarf(well this weekend he was!)on Withywindel get to LV20 and be able to purchase some Landscape soldier tokens with his hard earned Bounders tokens…

  2. Glorgnorbor /

    The servers are actually up right now, I was logged in on Dwarrowdelf about 5 minutes ago, and then logged out.

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