Gollum Mural–Daily Screenshots


Goblins have an interesting art style.

This mural, found in Goblin Town, depicts a crazed Gollum, holding what looks like a ring.

The stick figures along the bottom almost look like they’re bowing to or possibly attacking this creepy creature.

So if you find yourself near this mural, know that Gollum’s cave is not far away.



Daily Screenshots is an interesting picture picked by Spridra that is released every day.  If you have an awesome screenshot send it to me at spridrasmallone94@gmail.com.  Your screenshot could end up on this segment of LotRO Players.  I can’t wait to see what you are able to create!


  1. Maybe the stick figures are a tally of Gollum’s victims.

  2. There is similar ‘cave painting’ in Moria….

    *Wonders is there is a hidden deed for seeing it all!*


  3. I saw that down there, but never realized he was holding a ring! cool!

  4. I had always assumed this was a self-portrait by Gollum, hence him towering over the goblins / orcs who are bowing down to him – looks like he is his own little Dark Lord. Though, if it is a self-portrait, why wouldn’t he make himself look a little more pleasant? I guess the ring confers invisibility, not artistic ability!

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