LOTRO Players News Episode 19: Poem Reader of Middle-earth


This week we had a lot of news for LOTRO and had a lot of fun reporting it.  We hope you all enjoy!

Game News

Thirty Thousand Orcs – Massively Article

Armor not with Epic Battles

Epic Battles Video Dev Diary

Helm’s Deep Quest Notes Dev Diary

Fully voiced instances in Book 11

Helm’s Deep Discontinued Legacies

Turbine Account Maintenance Nov. 4th

Leveling Contest

Store Sales

Free Sample: Rejuvenation Potion x1 Use Coupon Code (RF983)

35% Off

Rune-Keeper Class

Warden Class

Character Slots

Skill and Slayer Deed Boosts

Mithril Coins

25% Off XP Disabler until November 17

Last weekend for Festival

LOTRO Players News

Helm’s Deep Expansion Giveaway

Entries close Nov. 12th

Why Brax is looking forward to Helm’s Deep

Fellowship Walk 2013 Summary

Helm’s Deep Fan Created Trailer

Article also has 6 other great fan created trailers

Brax’s pick of the week: The Fluffy Wish List by Whiteberry


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Featured Comments

Eric Morris left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 18:

“Hey! Just listened in on the podcast! It’s comforting to know that there is strong support for this amazing mom. Keep up the great work. And I enjoyed the walk last weekend just amazing how many gamers care!”


Ali wrote an Email to the show…

Hi guys! Huge fan of the site and podcast! I play on Eldar, Brandywine and Landroval..really enjoying the rp..Joining Lonely Mountain Band kinship was a great moment..I love creating storylines for my charcters..this is something I wrote:

The world was younger and days were bright,

long ago, long before the flight,

from gondor to ered-luin i came,

not to seek any glory, nor any fame,

so many perils i faced,

minions of sauron i chased,

met the hobbits, reached the shire,

following no personal gain, no desire,

reaching prancing pony in bree,

seeing dwarfs and hobbits and men free,

stayed at tom bombadils house,

found goldberry too, his spouse,

but i had to move on, i couldnt just dwell,

through lone-lands and trollshaws and to rivendell,

met king elrond and his sons and other elves,

his homely house, his library with many shelves,

then far over the misty mountains cold,

through goblin town, being so bold,

moria was my next stop,

i dreaded the place but i couldnt drop,

the bridge of khazad-dum told a sad story,

gandalf fought the fight and fell with glory,

I came out in lorien, my heart was lifted,

negative thoughts went away, my thoughts shifted,

lady galadriel sent me away with many gifts,

lembas bread and sword and armour that fits,

went to the great river, tired and worn,

found traces of the nine, and a broken horn,

i was shaken, the fellowship was broken,

the hobbits seem taken,

follow the three or follow the two,

thought to myself, what would Gandalf do,

crossed over to Rohan, saw the evil of Saruman,

the two towers united, an ally of Sauron,

went to Forlaw, met Estelali family,

and Lord Aragorn, Prince Legolas and Gimli,

together we prepare to defend our keep,

where hammer stroke will fall hardest, at Helm’s Deep

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Final Thoughts

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Thanks for watching!


  1. dgenxali /

    thank you for reading my poem!! made my day! you read it excellently!

  2. Kaleigh Starshine /

    You’re lying, Brax! – 🙂

    A fun show!

  3. Thanks for a great show as always – and for the Fluffy Wish List mention. And I listened and elaborated a bit on the obscure hobby suggestions 😉

  4. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    A really great one – probably the funniest one so far. Always enjoyable.

  5. Achazia /

    Loved it! Is really a enjoyable panel of players!
    Very informative and fun!

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