Final Fellowship Walk: 24/10 6.00pm.



My Dear Fellowship Walkers,


You may be tired, sore and hungry but the end is in sight!

The Final Fellowship Walk of 2013

Meet at the Ford of Bruinen

 on Thursday 24th October at  6.00pm (est)

This is the date that Frodo Baggins arrived in Rivendell for the first time.

Here is the schedule of events:

5.30pm Gathering at the Ford of Bruinen, music by Lilikate.

6.00pm Welcoming Speech and Announcements.

6.10pm The Line Forms to walk the The Last Homely House

6.30pm Arriving at Rivendell: Greetings and music from the Elves of Andunie

6.50pm Trivia with Lilikate Buggins

7.30pm More music from Andunie/Mounted Riders Parade 

8.00pm Lilikate’s Guide to Eregion: Cold Camps of the Fellowship!

9.30pm Arriving at Echad Danann Final Group Screenshot and Goodbye Speech.

You will need:

Bring Good Cheer

Party Outfit

Foot Ointment

Clothes for all weathers

Drinks and Gifts for Lilikate (only joking- a pie would be nice though)

Some trusty weapons!

Please Remember the first rule of the Fellowship Walk!

Do not walk in front of Lilikate

Failure to comply may result in getting lost! 

Not to mention missing out on any prepared role-play

12.Follow Lilikate

Are we there yet?

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  1. Thank you for listing the times. I certainly will try to make it at some point.

  2. Tinybel /

    Too bad it starts so late i don’t think i’ll manage to stay up till 3:30 am on a workday :P

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      I understand! I think I am not going to get too much sleep either.

  3. I hope to make it in time, at least for the last destination! Great job, everyone, on a successful Fellowship Walk! ♥

  4. Floradine /

    Lilikate, you did a fabulous job so far with the Fellowship Walk. I think you are awesome.

    • Gennyrose /

      Agreed, Floradine! Lili and everyone else who helped put this all together have done such an amazing job. You all should be very proud!

    • Fionwyn /

      100% agreement. Phenomenal job, especially wrangling everyone…lol.

  5. Fionnuala /

    Andúnië is looking forward to being there!

  6. Exciting! I missed a few in the middle, but I’ll try to make it to this one. And congrats on reaching your goal!

  7. Fionwyn /

    I’m going to miss this when it’s over!

  8. Grunior /

    Won’t make this one due to the late time (for my time zone). Nevertheless, big thanks for this experience. It was the first time I actually walked with the Fellowship and it was great fun.

    Congratulations on reaching the goal and I’m really looking forward to joining you next year!


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