Hullo Everybody!

All Auctions are now closed, it’s time to match our winners to items and services.

If you have won an auction please note that we will be closing the widgit on Thursday 24th October.

To have your bid added to the total please pay before this date.

Bidders and Auction winners have all been so supportive, all at LOTRO Players applaud and thank you.

 Once we are sure you have your goods or services your auction will be cleared from this list.

Please contact if you have any issues or concerns.

War of the Roses Auction  Status: Closed  Winner: Reed

Grid 2 Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Tosaf

Landoval 20 Black Dyes Auction  Status: Closed Winner: Fionwyn

Tolkien Proverb Print by Karen Altman Auction Status:  Closed Winner: Fionwyn

Riddles in the Dark/Tolkien Chats Auction  Status: Closed Winner: Charles Reed

Skirmish With Pineleaf Windfola Auction  Status: Closed  Winner:  Odfast

Windfola Mega Dye Pack Auction Status: Closed Winner: CalKat

Guest Host LOTROReporter Auction  Status: Closed Winner: AmAvocet

Guest Host Guild Wars Reporter Auction Status: Closed  Winner T J Cochran

Guest Host Rift Reporter Auction Status :Closed  Winner: Tosaf

Guest Host MMO Reporter Auction  Status :Closed  Winner: Braxwolf

Beneath Your Feet Podcast Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Comstrike

The One Ring Auction Status: Closed  Winner: Peter F

1 Bagshot Row Auction  Status: Closed Winner: Rick Heaton

Faerie Solitaire Auction  Status: Closed Winner: Tosaf

Emote Session with Lizzyrose Buggins Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Mr Bredouille

Raid Ready Food Pack Auction    Status: Closed Winner: Jestro

Gift of Riddermark Harmony Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Boobwulf

Guest Host: LOTRO Players News Auction   Status:Closed Winner: Comstrike

Dungeons of Dredmore Complete Pack Auction   Status:Closed  Winner: Tosaf

The World Beyond Music CD Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Lhinnthel

Sanctuary – Music CD by Karen Altman Auction   Status: Closed Winner: Bluebonnet

Once Upon a Winter’s Eve Music CD by Karen Altman Auction Status:Closed Winner: Keli

Skirmish With Pineleaf Any Server Auction  Status:Closed Winner! Arhoolie

Poem and Sketch with An Unexpected Vidcast Auction  Status: Closed Winners: Matching last bids Kiralynn & Comstrike.

Torchlight II Auction   Status: Closed Winning Bidder: Tosaf

Disturber of the Peace Artwork Auction Status: Closed  Winner: Goldenstar!

Baldur’s Gate Auction Status: Closed Winner: Keli

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Auction Status: Closed Winner: Andrew

LOTRO Academy Podcast Host Auction Status: Closed Winner: Bloobwulf

Magica Game Auction Status: Closed Winner: Knowfere

Landroval Skirmish with Pineleaf Auction Status: Closed Winner: Bellcari

 100% of the funds raised go to Child’s Play.


Also WETAnz  have kindly issued LOTROPlayers readers and Fellowship Walkers with a discount code for their store.


Use WALK13 at their checkout to get 10% off your purchase.

We at LOTRP Players would like to thank WETA nz for all their support.


  1. Cambruin /

    This lists several auctions that are not yet live and haven’t been closed either. Does this mean we can expect to see them soon or have they been withdrawn/cancelled?



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