The Fellowship Walk 2013 – The Journey

Come join the fun!

Come join the fun!

The first part of our journey sees us starting in the Shire.

On 23 September, 2013, we will set forth on our virtual walk leaving Bag End at 7pm server time.  From Bag End, we will head west and then south making our way across the water and up into Tookland.  We will continue through Tookland, behind Tuckborough until we reach our first campsite in Green Hill Country.

The second leg of the journey through the Shire will see us travel eastwards until we reach our campsite just outside of Woodhall and we will continue from there to the Marish.  We will stop and rest at Bamfurlong, perhaps nibbling on some mushrooms before we follow the road to the Buckleberry Ferry crossing.


The second area we traverse is Breeland.

Once across the Brandywine River, we will head for our destination at Crickhollow.  We will be able to once again have a rest here before we head to the dark and forboding Old Forest.  Here we will follow the path that will eventually lead us out and hopefully we will have a dance and a tune with Tom Bombadil.

The Fog in the Barrow-downs saw Frodo and his companions separated and eventually held captive in a Barrow.  Although we won’t be held captive in a Barrow, we will traverse the Barrow Downs stopping briefly to fish-slap Lalia and to see the Barrow’s entrance.  From there we will exit the Barrow-downs from the Northern pass, onto the road and head to Bree.

We will stop at the Prancing Pony and have an ale or three and maybe even check out the Hobbit accommodation there.  The next leg of our journey will see us exit the South Gate at Bree and then leave the road to go through the Midgewater Marshes.  We will need to be careful not to be carried off by sickle flies and keep to the driest route we can.


The Lonelands – a desolate and treacherous place to be.

We will travel up through Midgewater Pass and into the Lonelands.  We will come to Weathertop from the North and rest at the dell at the foot of it.  Once rested, we will head south, crossing the road and stay trekking across the country until we camp in the forest at Harloeg.  From here, it will be a short walk to The Last Bridge and onto the Trollshaws.


The Trollshaws where we will be Trolling with Trolls

Shortly after crossing the Last Bridge, we will leave the road and head into Troll Country.  Once we set upon Bilbo’s stone trolls, we will party hard and long at our Trolling with Trolls party.  Lots to do with eating, drinking, music and trivia.

After resting well and partying hard, we will head south back to the road and continue on to the Ford of Bruinen.  Once we safely cross this river, it will be all up hill until we reach the entrance above Rivendell.

We will walk into Rivendell and if we have raised our target of $5000 we will stop here at the Last Homely House and have our Last Homely Party.  This will be a fun event where winners from our competitions will be announced as well.


PLEASE NOTE:  If we raise more than $5000 we will continue walking past Rivendell into Eregion and maybe even to the very gates of Moria itself.






  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Yes! those maps we plotted are brilliant:)

  2. Don’t know if I overlooked it, on what server is this journey?

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      The server is Landroval, Garlond 🙂

      Look in our menu under News>Events>Fellowship for all details about the walk, raising funds, the parties and competitions.

  3. Awesome maps – but now all the enemies in the way will know what hits them!

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      They won’t know when it will hit them 🙂

    • Hey there,

      Well I only have one more death to reach 101 unique deaths. If the mobs know we are coming, I wonder if it will be on the walk that I reach my 101st unique death?

      To answer this and other deathly questions, join the Fellowship Walk 🙂

      Have fun

  4. RavenHargon /

    Only your own Kinmate. 🙂


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