Friday Night’s Allright For Tootling!


Hey Everyone,


I have had the best and longest of nights in LOTRO. I wanted to share with you all the tale of my evening.

It all started when the Andune Ensemble were invited to play on Dwarrowdelf with A Rock and a Hard Place.

Our great and wonderfully talented leader Geoffroi (I have to say that or I’ll be playing Pibgorn for a month). Was thinking that we would not be able to find enough bodies willing to make alts on Dwarrowdelf as well as managing to attend enmasse at the same time.

But a remarable thing happened 🙂 We did, and we could!

The start of this story is entitled…


A Rock and an Andune Ensemble.

With our setlist ready and uniforms hurridly copied and dyed Andune met the folks of Dwarrowdelf, to cheers and smiles all around we assembled at The Rocks usual concert spot. The wall opposite Bree-Town west gate stables.

One of our number was a little late but Runesdaeg managed to turn up only two minutes late but he gave me a pretty head circlet of flowers, so is forgiven 🙂

We shared the spot, taking turns to play three or four songs each. While the crowd grew and compliments were passed around. Andune enjoyed being in the audience almost as much as we enjoy playing ourselves. The music was brilliant, with all tastes catered for.

The only thing that made me sad, was the fact we had not shared a file between both bands, that we could play together. We will for future events!

As time grew late one of our number had to depart, however the night was not dimmed as we continued to entertain for the crowd.

I must say that playing on a wall was quite difficult, there was no steps to climb up and one had to Jump!

I can see why the hobbits from the Rocks assemble just in front of this wall in formation.

Many gifts of Pipeweed, food and drinkies were handed out to the visiting Andune, but sadly they were handed to me first and I ate and drank the lions share of it all!

Well what do they expect from a hungry hobbit?

The night was a huge success and we will be inviting at some point in the future A Rock and a Hard Place to share our stange over on Landroval.

The members of A Rock and A Hard Place were: Bruzo, Glorgnorbor, Gorann, Skirfir, Aliawen, Nelphindal and  Melusinae.

The members of The Andune Ensemble were: Geoffroi, Cennwyn, Runesdaeg, Lilikate and our newest member Eragwar.



Part the Second:

Die Meisterbarden Impromptu concert at the Farmers Faire.

Who would believe it that on my return to Landroval, while sitting on the grass verge chatting with a few pals a host of Hobbitlasses on Ponies should ride up behind us, dismount and form up into a line. All wearing the same style dress in differing colours and famous for their dancing abilities. But these ladies can play too!

Not ten minutes from coming home from the last concert, but I am dancing to a new band. They played wonderful music, they let off the most amazing fireworks and they were just the greatest spectacle ever!

Jigs and reels just kept coming and between them the brightest most colourful displays of light. My favourite was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I was sad when after an hour they all mounted up, waved and rode away with not a single word said.



Part the third:

A Trio of Dwarves.

Now I thought, time to earn some bounders tokens. I ran all the way to Oatbarton to fetch wine! and when I ran back across the double hump bridge I heard the sounds of more music playing. So I handed in my wine and went back to take a look.

By the fishing hut I found three dwarves, all playing music. One of those dwarves was wearing a dress!

I sent by tell a polite request to ask the name of this trio, and struck up a conversation with the most wonderful Dwarven folk I have ever met. Let me elaborate:

Cherrie and the Warders play on a friday in The Shire at random places.

Sadly all my screen shots of this excellent band did not come out quite as I expected. 🙁

In fact they all came out looking like Die Meisterbarden Von Bree!

I will save my report on this Band for another time, where I hope to head to The Shire next week and find them playing again. They played a wonderful set of music, with many people stopping for a time to have a little dance and a chat.

I am so sorry Cherrie , Balifor and Boharmini!  but I will make it up to you, promise xx


Conclusion: Friday nights are very busy for folk who like music. I met wonderful new people who all love music and LOTRO. I was playing that evening for six hours and more than five of those were spent playing, listening, dancing and talking about bands and music!

Andune: Sunday 3.00pm Landroval Bree (Prancing Pony)

A Rock and A Hard Place: Friday 5.00pm Dwarrowdelf Bree (West Bree Stables)

Die Meisterbarden Von Bree:  Friday 2.00pm Vanyar Bree (Auction Hall)

Cheerie and The Warders: Friday Evening Landroval The Shire (Ask in Regional for location)


And I told my partner I’d only play for an hour 🙂





  1. Great Article Lilikate! We’ll see you again soon! Hopefully we’ll pop over to Landroval tomorrow to take a listen!

    ~The Rocks!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Oh I shall wash my dress then and get my hair done 🙂

  3. Hehe, look forward to seeing you next week *smiles*
    The picture above, is Cherrie, Curmie, Boharmini, Balifor, Gwyra, and Miluwen from our kinship.
    Our usual Cherrie and the Warders group is our all dwarf bunch,
    Cherrie, Curmie, Boharmini, and Balifor, and we occasionally get the hobbit or elf or man-folk that pops in to play with us too.
    Here is another one ( of the same folks )we did at our Halloween Tricks and Treats through our kinship housing area last year.

  4. Great article Lilikate!

  5. Floradine /

    Oh, I really like this. I think I should start a character on every server, hahah!

  6. Holy cow, looks like it a full night filled with much frivolity! Thanks fer sharin’! 😀

  7. Thanks for the article Lili!

    Any band wanting to play Sunday afternoons in Bree are welcome to play alongside The Andune Ensemble; just send a mail to Geoffroi or Keli and we’ll set it up.

    • Fionnuala /

      It might be fun to have Andune and Andunie play together sometime, just to confuse people. 😉

      • Lilikate Buggins. /

        I am sure I could not be confused as a member of Andunie. I am only 3ft!

  8. Sometimes I do think about changing our name

    • Fionnuala /

      No, don’t change your name. Yours is more appropriate than ours. I often think Andunie should change its name because it isn’t really Elven but I didn’t start the group.

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