Thousands of Orcs Featured in Helm’s Deep Trailer


Today Turbine released the Official Teaser Trailer for Helm’s Deep.  This was coordinated with the pre-order announcement and the announcement that the expansion will be released on November 18th!

First of all let me say that the music in this trailer is amazing.  I really hope Turbine adds this kind of song in the game.  There is great voice acting in the trailer by the actor of King Théoden.

One interesting thing is that it says “Rohan’s EPIC Story Concludes”.  This suggests that we will not have any more expansions in Rohan.  This also means we might see the fall of Isengard before we get a new zone.

We also get to see Gandalf transform from his hidden state as The Gray and turn to The White.  As a fan of the lore, there is not much more you can do to get me excited.

Then we see a town really burning more than we have anywhere else in LOTRO.

The big news coming out of this trailer is the visualization of countless orcs marching on the outer wall of Helm’s Deep.  Later in the trailer we see the orcs grouped inside the inner wall.

Also keep in mind King Théoden only wants the riders that have a shield or spear.  So all of you non-wardens, captains and champions out there don’t have to help I guess.

Finally we see a siege projectile flying toward the inner walls of Helm’s Deep.

Will you follow the call to arise and ride to war?

countless orcs at HD


  1. Thousands of Orcs in extreme skirmish order by the looks of it…I was expecting a seething mass of orc-kind!

    Want to see the battle footage….


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