Store Sales 13th to 19th September


Free Sample of the Week.

100% Infamy/Renown Gain x1

Use coupon code PVMP4 1/Account

Lilikate Says: It’s nice to see a freebie for all the PVP-ers in LOTRO. It may even tempt a few players to go try the monster play.


Store Sales


Shared Storage 20% Off

595-995 476-796

Share items among your characters on the same server!
Easily manage shared items
Start with 20 slots; up to 110 extra slots available
Filter and search for items by name


Store Location: Account → Account Storage

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: You can never have enough storage, I am tempted buy another bunch slots this week. Although I do think the sale price is still high.



Vault Upgrades 20% Off

195-995 156-796

Store more!

  • Store and organize your character’s items!
  • Increase your number of vault storage slots by 15 per Vault Upgrade; up to 195 slots available (every character receives a 30-item vault for free).
  • Filter and search for items by name!


Store Location: Character → Vault Storage

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Again the top end of the price range does put me off a bit but I like storage sales.



Inventory Bags 20% Off

995 796


Increase the amount your character can carry! Unlock a 4th, 5th, and 6th Inventory Bag for all characters on your account – an extra 15 slots each!


Store Location: Account → Account Storage

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Bags 1-5 are free to VIP. But everyone has to buy the 6th Bag. Nice to see it a little cheaper. Also nice is the fact that it’s for every and all future characters created on your account.



Currency Cap 20% Off

395 316

  • Carry unlimited gold!
  • Remove the restriction on currency from all current and future characters created on your account!
  • Allows you to buy a Deluxe house, which grants even more storage!


Store Location: Account → Currency Cap

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Nice to see this on sale again as it is very popular. Turbine could have done a little better and set the price at 200 but then it wouldn’t have the nice 20% off ring to it.





Also: Steed of Night, Steed of Dagorlad, and Set of the Norcrofts.


Other Store Sales





Last week 105 votes were cast with the majority of voters saving points. There were 92 of you savers with 34 stating that they were saving for the Helms Deeps expansion.

A hand full of voters preferred the stat tomes out of all the on sale items.

This week will you be able to resist the lure of on sale storage?

Should LOTRO have a level cap increase in 2015?

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If there’s a sale you’d like to see in the store, why not pop a comment under this post.


  1. Tromblon /

    Hurray! Got my 6th bag!

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      I got mine just before the last store sale, Glad you managed to get it on sale Tromblon.

  2. These are really good sales this week. Great job as always Lilikate!

  3. knowfere /

    I *would* buy more shared storage, cept I’m at the limit 🙁

  4. Just a little bit more sharing of storage is good…now need those TP points….grind away!

  5. With the Outrider’s Tokens and Universal Toolkit becoming available through the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor I would like to see 50% off Character Slots so I can add some new toons and kit them out

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