The Shire Travel Routes Diagram


Now you can deliver your mail and pies more efficiently! Click on the picture for a larger image.

Shire Travel Routes Diagram

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  1. Taryag /

    Just out of curiosity, how much work would it be to make the map geographically accurate – or at least have towns in the right direction from each other? My head has to twist a bit to read the chart properly.
    I like charts, and these are pretty nice charts, so thanks for making them!

  2. Yes, I like that idea! I’ll try to do that going forward. My number one challenge is to try not to cross the lines, which would make deciphering the information very difficult. What seems to work best for that is to keep the main-zone stables in the center as much as possible and the “outside” zones along the edges, but I think I can keep to that pattern and make the zone stables more geographically accurate. Some zones (East Rohan, Moria, Bree-land) will be more of a challenge than others!

  3. Nice work! When I see those lines, I have to imagine there are hungry or nosey hobbits abound on those paths.

  4. Andang /

    This are great! Keep it up!

  5. Fantastic and much better than the horrible table I once made…how about [b]travel times or distances?[/b]

    As an info junkie that would just about sort me out!

  6. AH…not bb code…lol

  7. Taryag’s point was bothering me too. In this map a more geographically correct layout could easily be achieved.
    Another improvement (to me) might be to change the color of a line if its swift travel (instead of putting (s) on the line) it would make that information more instantly viewable. Or if more colors make it a bit chaotic, maybe a dotted line, some experimentation might be required (and people might have different views on what’s best).
    Besides those points I think it looks excellent. I especially like the soft coloring. Keep em coming please!

  8. To clarify how this map’s layout can be made a bit more geographically correct try lowering the hobbiton box. Then put the needlehole and duillond boxes right above hobbiton. The brockenborings and oatbarton boxes fit right above the stock box.

  9. Diagram has been updated, thanks for the suggestions!


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