Let’s Go to Amon Sul


By a wonderful coincidence, my Skirmisher of Middle-earth series on YouTube reached Amon Sûl just in time for Weatherstock V. This week’s episode therefore features Pineleaf’s quest to save Weatherstock from a band of wights.

Now we just need to get security to clear out the mess afterwards.

If you are interested in the Weatherstock V concert itself, you can watch the full event at the PineleafNeedles Twitch channel.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

Pineleaf Needles


  1. Andang /

    Great video Pine!

  2. Kaleigh Starshine /

    I had to turn away from the crowd, else I was just watching a still rendering. It was still so much fun, though!

  3. Harperella /

    Don’t forget to raise a hope token! Of course it doesn’t help the darkness debuff, but it makes me feel better.

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