What to Wear to Weatherstock


So you’re planning on going to Weatherstock. But what are you going to wear?

It’s the biggest event in Middle-earth, so no doubt you want to look your best. But are you aware that dressing to the nines might cause trouble for you and other audience members?

For instance, this is a lovely looking lady. But can you tell me what’s wrong with her Weatherstock outfit?


Try taking off your headpiece and cloak to avoid creating extra lag.


In fact, reducing your outfit down to basic elements is best. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you can’t stand out or even shine.


Whether you’re coming from near…


or from far…


You should choose something comfortable to wear. It’s quite a climb to the top of the hill!

You can dress up…


or dress down…


Just remember, extra clothes means extra lag! Keep it simple for everyone’s sake. Leave your cloaks and hats behind and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the show!



  1. leslie /

    Great advice! Folks should also try unequipping their weapons once they reach the summit safely, as that too can create excess lag.

  2. This is a music festival isn’t it? I’d be topless!
    Like this dwarfhere>> http://www.containsmoderateperil.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Bare-Chested-Dwarves.jpg

    • I don’t know…each one of those chest hairs requires a dozen server farms to fully render their texture and quality. I won’t even go into the beard, because I know that’d be a sensitive subject…

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Noooo You’ll encourage the Dwarves to take it that one step too far!

    Brilliant article, I have my outfit all ready! Security Team Uniform!
    Go RedChainDwarfHeuberks!
    It’s a bit of a mouthfull…

  4. Thanks for the tips. I knew about the cloak thing, but was never aware about the head slot. It does make sense – less to render, more to enjoy (lag-free)!

  5. Andang /

    Fantastic Guide for attire to the best event of the year in LOTRO.

  6. Aerindis of Vilya /

    I never would have thought to reduce my outfit to help with lag, but it makes a lot of sense once you point it out. Hoping to make it to my first Weatherstock, with these tips in mind.

  7. Eodrew /

    Some good tips which will hopefully make this an unforgettable event.

    I have rolled an alt especially on Landroval for the occasion. So looking forward to it.

  8. helpful guide indeed, I knew that cloaks should be removed but not the headpiece,no I’ll keep that in mind 😉

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