Skirmish Marathon 2 Results


The guardian skirmish marathon was successfully completed. If anyone is interested in watching the replay, it will be available at my Twitch page for  a few more days. The chat channel was working this time, though I did not find it easy to follow the chat channel and play at the same time. Thanks to those who attended.

Skirmish Statistics

The total time of the marathon was 6h 45m (compared to 6 hours even with the lore-master marathon).

Completed 18 different skirmishes. This includes running each skirmish with a solo setting exactly once (compared to 13 skirmishes with the lore-master).

Attempted Survival: Barrow Downs (Small Fellowship setting, which is the lowest that is available) with a total time of 2m 20s (lore-master did not attempt this skirmish).

Started the series at level 75. Reached level 76 during The Icy Crevasse. Reached level 77 at the end of a later skirmish. All skirmishes were run at level except for the early parts of The Icy Crevasse (where the early parts were run one level higher as I expected to level before the end of the run).

Four defeats, two of which were in Icy Crevasse.


Note that there is a loot quality boundary between level 75 and 76.

21 relics (compared to 20 with the lore-master, which meant that the lore-master had the better drop rate)

1 Riddermark Star-lit Crystal (same as lore-master)

2 Heritage runes (same as lore-master)

1 Loot Box key (the lore master received a loot box instead)

19 veterans bounties (the usual one per completed skirmish with two in Storm on Methedras).

58 standard bounties (3.22 per completed run, compared to 2.77 for the lore-master)

Broken Wooden Club (the lore-master didn’t get any)

Five black badges (The lore-master didn’t have the quest)

What’s Next?

The next skirmish broadcast is likely to be a series of group runs on Arkenstone. I do not have a date yet, as this would have to be coordinated with others.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

Pineleaf Needles


  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I would love to be in the group runs on Arkenstone but Lilikate is only at level 36….I shall have to skirm and try and get her up a bit!

  2. Andang /

    Great job Pineleaf! I can’t wait to see your group skirmishes.

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