So You Want to Be a Treasure Hunter


During last years Treasure Hunting event, I dug over 50 Huge Dig Sites with my main character and another dozen or so on an alt. People said “Sig! You cheater!”, to which I said “Eat my pickaxe n00b!”

But today I will share with you the key to being the big dog on the field: Cave claws. You have between the time of this writing through the 30th of June to do it yourself.

  1. If you don’t already have a stock pile of barter tokens, play the Treasure field and dig sites until you have 100 tokens or so.
  2. Go to the barter vendor and trade your tokens for Trained Cave-claw Cages.
  3. Use the Trained Cave Claws to seek your treasure.
  4. This is the most important step. ONLY dig Large and Huge dig sites. 
  5. Use the tokens you get to buy more Cave Claws and continue the process.

This method will take time. Through out this process, don’t forget to take the repeatable quests to keep your stock of picks up. Use the Dowsing Gems when you have them if you need or want to. There might be some rounds that you don’t dig a single site.

Last year, using this method I found that I usually always had at least 4 picks available and at some points had over 30 in my bag. Again, it takes time – I most likely spent nearly 40 hours on the event last time. Over 50 huge digs later, I decided Turbine’s Random Number Generator hates me – no Treasure Pony. That said – I can show you to the Huge Sites but the only thing I can guarantee you’ll find in them is tokens.


Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Andang /

    Great job Sig!

  2. Steve /

    Yeah, I like the pony, but Turbine has clearly miscalculated the frustration point. I don’t think that they are thinking very clearly or wisely about that.

  3. Great Tips.. but I just can’t do this grind… my dumb cave claws only ever find Smalls..

    • I quickly found myself unable to do it again this year. I might play at it a bit but I wont grind it out like I did last year.

    • Sometimes it seems it can all come down to the population currently digging at the treasure field on your layer. If you happen to be on busy one, and you find a friend is on a separate, less crowded one, see if they can invite you to a fellowship, then switch to their layer.

      Beyond that, releasing the cave claws in strategic spots that seems to cover a radius littered with many active dig spots always seems like a good choice. They still might all be small/mediums, but at least you are maximizing the options as much as possible.

      I decided to take this treasure hunt off – have had on/off luck in the past, and it just did not appeal as much to me this time around.

      Happy digging!

      • Raven Hargon /

        Yep, I think there are about 5 different spots that you can release the cave claws and get maximum spread. A trained cave claw has detection radius of 20 yards Or 20 meters I think. The mini map. (I believe) only has a range of about 50 or so, so just picture a circle half as small as the area you are in and that will be the general area where the cave claw will go. He will find the biggest node he can, so if he comes up with a small, just move on and go to the next area. Good hunting everyone!

  4. I roughly followed this strategy, got the /rich emote, and 3 steeds in about one day.

  5. Hadford /

    Yep, that’s pretty much the strategy I used for all 3 treasure events so far. I would build up a cache of picks and caveclaws (say, 20 of each) and then start digging. Drop a caveclaw in proximity to 3-5 digsites, and you’re good to go. I found the Treasure Laden Pony, Cave Claw Pony, a few cosmetics, and earned enough buried treasure tokens to barter for the Harvest Brew Goat. It’s a fun event, and I hope Turbine brings it back, or even makes more like it. So addictive!

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