Update 11.1 Release Notes- Music Fixed!

Better MusicA patch to LOTRO was released today.  While much of it is not too interesting, the big news is that the player music system has been fixed.  This means that as long as it doesn’t break again, it will work for Weatherstock in July.  The event was pushed back for the first time ever from its normal time of mid-June.

Some highlights of the release notes also include:

-Players can now return to the world select screen while staying in the client.

-Some launcher issues have been fixed.

-You can now have multiple clients on the same computer open at the same time.

-Quests can’t be completed anymore while in combat.

-Wildermore deed rewards have been increased.

There is still plenty more with this update if you want to find out everything that is going on with this update see the Official Release Notes here.

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