LOTRO Academy: 70 – More Update 9 Chatter


LOTRO Academy
Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf talk about The Lord of the Rings Online™ in another Off-Topic episode. Thanks for listening.


  1. Hey All,

    Excellent podcast again!

    I love remote looting! and yes I am still running to look for my goodies from corpses!

    Lizzy thanks you for her mention, (which I had to play to her four times). She had just woken up but I shall keep it handy for the future. Yes had another spate of “counter-attacks!”

    We both love the new Bree. That was really well done, now I would love to see similar happen in the Shire towns.

    I have been using the mouse for direction when running Inn League deliveries, hopefully it’ll become second nature soon and I can go back and do the races with that method of movement. Still trying to overcome my brains outpouring of critique.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Now where are my rotten tomatoes??

  2. Hey there Lilikate,

    I too like the new Bree and I will play my new hobbit warden through Archet soon to see what new and wonderful things have been included there.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well Lili and to all the listeners and kin members. With Christmas fast approaching I hope it is a safe and prosperous time for everyone.

    Have fun

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