LOTRO Academy: Riders of Rohan Launch Special


LOTRO Academy
Achazia Songweaver and Abergar Gildensong of the popular in-game LOTRO band, The Shades, join Branick and Pineleaf to guest host this special episode celebrating Riders of Rohan™, the recently released expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings Online™. There’s plenty to talk about, both good and not so good, and afterward Achazia and Abergar share a history of The Shades and talk about some upcoming concerts you can attend in game. Thanks for listening.


  1. Achazia /

    Thank you for having us as guests, was truly nice! it was middle of night, so apologize for a tired voice!!
    But it was a good show Branick! Was having fun!

    Thank you


  2. Branick /

    You’re welcome Achy, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Tomeoric /

    Ha! I had the same issue as Achazia with the emotes!

    Three of us (kinmates, but not on my friends list), were in a Shire home, then went outside. From there, we ported out on our separate ways. While widely spread out, they could see my emotes, but I could not see their’s. I played it up as being ‘the eye’…

    Maybe it has something to do with double-instanced spaces like homestead-homes or Rivendell-Halls of Fire… who knows. I’ll take it like the “flying” warsteed thing – strange but there are other things that should be fixed.

    Since ‘The Shades’ were in this episode, I would like to note that we found some issues in the ABC music playing system. It seems that when there are a lot of noises/sounds around (lots of band members, crowds, etc.) – some of the band members will not be able to be heard. Sometimes, even the audience will not be able to hear certain instruments, although they are actually playing. We had an extreme case of this while playing out in front of the Pony, 9 band mates, a rather large crowd, and it was raining.

    So far what we have done to resolve this is to go into the options, and turn the ‘Ambient Sounds’ slider all the way to zero. That seems to resolve it – although it was not an issue before RoR.

    Great episode and as always, Forth Erolingas!

    ~ T

  4. Abergar /

    Thanks for the heads-up Tomeoric. We’ve discovered a few music related glitches ourselves since recording the episode. The main one we’ve seen is the return of rather annoying automatic emote where all women musicians appear to have got fleas and keep stopping to scratch themselves while playing music.

  5. Tapkoh /

    I don’t have the degree of problems Abergar is having, but I am having trouble. Each time I go through a door, pick up a quest item, accept a quest, advance a quest, turn in a quest, ride my warsteed, or even move, I am gambling that the lotro client won’t crash to desktop. It gets exponentially worse if I go into areas other than the Wold or East Wall.

    It also seems there’s not a lot of xp in Rohan, or at least in the areas I’m restricted to. I didn’t want to quest with 1000 of my closest friends so I finished the Great River area with my lore-master during the week of release. He did 3 and a half hubs and nearly hit level 78, even though half the quests were below 75. My guardian has his warsteed (thus has done all those initial quests), has done several chapters of the new epic, and has cleared out one hub in the East Wall and has barely hit level 76. Seems like waiting to do the GR area would have been smart for leveling.

  6. Tomeoric /

    Ah yea Abergar, I’ve see that one too…

  7. Zyngor /

    Thanks for having some spokes-freepeoples on the show, Branick. Achazia and Abergar, both of ya did an excellent job, made me remember the concert you guys had on Arkenstone awhile back (and my first hearing “Meadow Breeze”). Keep on strumming out great tunes!

    If anyone is still having difficulty steering the warsteed, there are some possibilities to at least start you off: using a light steed, traiting “Agility” and at least the yellow line for trait that control movement, and possibly utilizing the Riddermark stance while mounted (should add +125 agility; just remember that I believe you’d need to switch stance back if you dismount and then remount, as it defaults back to Red Dawn).

    I can’t say I have had any crashes, and the lingering bugs have not been bad enough for me to want to stop playing until they fix those up. Having beta experience definitely assisted me with getting a decent grasp on the warsteed system, as I’m sure any prior experience with a new system would provide.

    In general, I love the new expansion – there’s a certain kind of freedom you get when dashing through the landscape on a warsteed, especially as they provided some other revamped tools to boost that freedom (remote questing, auto-looting, etc). I really like that the cost to respec your steed is only in coin, and not in Turbine Points (along with doing it wherever you are), so you are welcome to play around with new warsteed traiting.

  8. Loriandra /

    Great podcast guys 🙂

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