LOTRO Academy: 41 – Anything Goes


LOTRO Academy
In this episode, Branick, Mysteri, and Krorain ramble on about LOTRO when they’re not meandering off onto tangents. Thanks for listening!


  1. Tapkoh /

    I have not had the bug from Edhelion but I do get it whenever I go through that tunnel in Forochel between Pynti-peldot and Kauppa-kohta. I thought it was just a random blizzard or such in Forochel until I heard about the bug and re-logged. Bright as day then. I run in DX9 and get it so it must not be related directly to which DX version you are using.

    Master looter is one of the loot options and allows your group leader to manually assign loot. Standard practice is for them to link all the loot in chat and ask for /roll on one item at a time and whoever gets the highest roll wins. Of course, since it’s manual, the leader can choose not to assign medium armour to a heavy class or a caster item to a hunter just because they rolled. In other words, stopping people who roll on everything just because. The bug however was that in a raid, you do not see the “So-and-so has acquired X” message that you do in a fellowship when someone gets an item. So the raid leader could have, in theory, assigned themselves or their buddies loot (like the worn symbol of celebrimbor) and simply omitted it from the list that they link everyone else and no one would be the wiser. This bug fixes that so now you at least see that message when loot is assigned via Master Looter.

  2. Branick /

    Thanks for the bug confirmation Tapkoh. I knew I couldn’t be the only one to experience it. 🙂 As for Master Looter, I realized what it was when I read the patch notes after I’d finished editing the podcast. Oh well. Can you tell I’ve never used it? That does sounds like an important fix. 🙂

  3. The fog bug (always heard it called as such) has been in the game since Forochel came out. When I lived in the Bree homestead and I’d get the fog bug, I found that porting home at night made the neighborhood feel wonderfully spooky. Outside of that, it’s highly annoying but I honestly don’t see them fixing it. It’s almost like a staple of the game we’ve had it so long.

    I am pretty sure you can buy a frying pan in the Mathom House (the Shire) if you have enough rep. Thinking my son once sparred with the frying pan against someone with the butter knife. There’s an instance in Moria, the name escapes me, where one of the bosses says something about ‘pan-searing’ us. Would love to be able to fight him with the frying pans, even though we’d die. Great episode!

  4. Tapkoh /

    That would be the cook in Fil Gashan.

  5. Damper /

    Hey guys, just finished listening and I too have seen the Blue Fog on more than one occasion, especially on those inn-leaguequests. What seems to help is to travel during the in-game day, that at least goes for the Edhelion-fog.

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