LOTRO Academy: 27 – 3 Cubed


LOTRO Academy
Branick, Mysteri, and Krorain are back to celebrate the 27th episode of LOTRO Academy with 27 Answers, a segment mathematically proven* to ward off orcs and reduce fatigue. Thanks for listening!

*I’m not very good at math.

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  1. I think the main thing that sets LOTRO apart from other games is the lore. In my opinion, Tolkien’s lore is unrivaled in modern fantasy. Turbine has done a great job incorporating that lore — in the case of the Legendary Item system in particular, is the only game I know of that has taken the concept of a named, personal weapon that is almost a part of the hero and incorporated it reasonably well (with the revamp) into a game genre that is built on constantly throwing away old items to replace with new drops.

    LOTRO certainly has a better community than some other games I’ve played; I think that’s due in part to the near absence of PVP. Community quality seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of PVP a game has… I don’t know if in the absence of PVP people behave better, or if die hard PVPers just have a higher proportion of jerks, and they stay away from games without it, improving the overall community with their absence. I suspect it’s the latter…

    Mysteri, you actually *can* buy shards; I’ll admit they aren’t too common on the AH nor inexpensive (on Arkenstone, when I looked anyway), but that’s one possibility; you can also buy them from the crafting skirmish vendor for skirmish marks.

  2. Zyngor /

    As soon as you asked for a location for a home outside of the normal homesteads, I thought of the small desolate island in Evendim basically between Tyrn Fornech (salamander isle) and Gwindeth’s (the blue lady) cave as a nice spot to have a house located.

    Loved the various thoughts and ideas that came out of having this roundtable of fun times. Well met, I must say!

  3. Branick /

    Gwindeth! *writes it down quickly* Thanks Zyngor! That desolate island sounds like a good location too.

    Indy, that’s great advice about the Auction House. I check it often for certain things, but I tend to forget about it entirely for some things as well. I’m not sure if the price/availability will make it a useful option for Mysteri, but it’s certainly a good idea to check. And you never know when a good deal will be posted. 🙂

    Thanks for listening guys!

  4. Beniliborn /

    Excellent episode! Love the new layout too.

    Just a quick question for you guys, could you have a bit of a chat about Rune Keepers in one of your coming episodes? I have recently created one and am enjoying it alot!

    Keep up the good work all.


  5. Keep it up, another good show as usual!

    Quick note on the statement regarding the various shards needed for crafting, if you check out the skirmish “Crafting” vendor you can obtain these via skirmish marks. I can’t remember the exact cost, but that’s similar to buying them – just a different mechanic.

  6. Zimakus of Landroval /

    Ok it has been awhile since my last comment and alot has been going on in game and out. One is I have switched mains. My main used to be Immakus, a hobbit burg on Landroval and is my main as a hunter on Arkenstone. I switched to Zimakus as my main who is also a hunter. Enough about me. Great job as always on all the podcasts. Thanks again (going back a few episodes) for the terminology episode. And up to more recent episodes I wanted to comment on the housing system. I liked Branicks idea for buying the plot and using a blueprint to build. Also I think when you buy the house/blueprint you should get a set number of item “slots” you can place any way you like with the option of upgrading to more! Also I would like the option to add a horse pasture where all your mounts can be displayed! Thanks again for the good work.

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