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LOTRO Players is a proud member of The Players Alliance, a community building network designed to help grow gaming communities and promote great content.

Picture-of-me-1-150x150Joel “Andang” Shepherd – Lead Director

Andang is most known as a  former writer on A Casual Stroll to Mordor (now Casually Strolling Through MMOs).  He is also currently a YouTuber at PvMPAndang and lead host of Fellowship of the Creeps.  He was also a co-host on Random Fandom which is the official news show for Middle-earth Network.

9f59f68ef9f9987307017ef6aa48e129-bpfullDavid “Branick” Lambert– The Academy Director

Branick got his start as a podcaster with the Neverwinter Nights Podcast, and later helped to found the Dragon Age Podcast. He founded LOTRO Academy in September of 2010 to coincide with the North American launch of LOTRO as a Free to Play game, and continues to host and produce the LOTRO Academy podcast.

Pineleaf-180-150x150Pineleaf – Skirmishes Director

Pineleaf is likely most known for his skirmish guides that have appeared on A Casual Stroll to Mordor.  He is also a co-host on LOTRO Academy.


ScreenShot00682-150x150Spridra – Visual Media Director

Spridra is an avid LOTRO player and is a co-host of Fellowship of the Creeps.



Myst_2Teri “Mysteri” Barnett- Events Director

Mysteri is a co-host on LOTRO Academy and has been with the podcast from the beginning.


Lilikate-Rabbit-150x150Lilikate – Morale Director

Lilikate Buggins Fallohide Hobbit from Willowbottom in the Marish. Considered locally as being quite cracked.


Shurz-LP-Pic-150x150Jake “Ethelros” Williams – Community Director

Ethelros is a regular co-host on LOTRO Players News and LOTRO Players Adventures. He also likes pets(Sabertooth exempt).


117738393-150x150Achazia – Contributor

Achazia is a musican, composer and enthustiatic LOTRO player.  She is the founder of The Shades and she shares ABC music on her YouTube channel.  She also writes Lord of the Rings and fantasy inspired music which you can find on her website.


fortewebsitepic-150x150Forte Maestro – Contributor

Forte is the writer for The Bard Chronicles, tending to find his way unknown to the different music events through out Middle-Earth. With his own unique style, he pops his head anywhere that music permiates the atmosphere.  Be on the look out for his signature royal blue fancy hat, as your event might make his next article!

Shipwreck-LP-PicShipwreck – Contributor

Shipwreck is a family man, reader, writer, and gamesman. He can be found in LOTRO on the Elendilmir server and keeps a personal blog at The Last Ship where the words are always guaranteed.

ScreenShot00072-150x150Eldaeriel – Contributor

Eldaeriel plays a hunter and loremaster on the Laurelin server.  She has been blogging for 4 years and gaming for *cough* much longer than that.


Fio-Author-Pic-150x150Fionnuala – Contributor

When Fionnuala started playing LOTRO she dived head first into the music system and hasn’t surfaced yet. You can enjoy the fruits of her obsession on the Landroval and Laurelin servers at various Andúnië concerts and events. She has a passion for Elven lore and RP and spends far too much time making cute outfits for her characters. You can also visit her personal blog here at MyMiddle-earth: Fionnuala’s Fantasy Worlds.

Braxwolf-Logo-150x150Braxwolf – Contributor

Braxwolf is a hunter on Windfola with no distinct specialty other than a love for the game, and the community that has sprung up around it. He has a recurring “pick of the week” segment on LOTRO Players News that highlights an interesting blog post or story from around the web.

Drac-150x150Draculetta – Contributor

Draculetta started playing LOTRO just before free to play. He mainly plays on Meneldor but he also plays on Landroval and Arkenstone.  His main is a hunter, but he also plays a Lore Master and Rune-keeper.

Zyngor_lotroP-150x150Zyngor – Contributor

Zyngor of Riddermark is always welcome to lend his bow to a fellow adventurer, though he sometimes finds himself lost in another corner of Middle Earth. He enjoys simply meandering around the environment, and that of other (free-to-play) game worlds.

Self-Portrait-150x150Kaleigh – Contributor

Beholden to both the Sun and the Moon, Kaleigh fashions herself as a Chronicler of Twilight, both a seeker and a purveyor of the time-between-times.  She is a proud member of the Green Hill Music Society, and co-founder of the Skirmish Repertory Company.  Her journal, renderings, and other pursuits can be found upon the hearth at her home here at MyMiddle-earth:  The Life and Times of Kaleigh Starshine.

Tapkoh-150x150Topkoh – Contributor

Tapkoh is a dwarf who loves two things: fighting and talking about fighting. And being a dwarf. Three things. He loves three things. He has been playing LotRO since the free to play transition and has run all group content on one difficulty tier or another usually as a tank.  When he’s not introducing orc faces to his shield, he is probably explaining the finer points of orc face-shield interactions in probably too much detail.


Teriadwyn – Contributor

Teriadwyn is a co-host on LOTRO Players News and LOTRO Academy. She is likely best-known for her love of Champions and her battle cry of “PewPews must die!”


Nim ImageNim – Contributor

Nim is an Elf Guardian. She’s been playing since 2013. She plays on the Arkenstone server and belongs to the Eagles of Thorondor kinship. She has maintained a blog for 3 years. You can find it at a-creative-mind.com. She writes fan fiction as well as original stories.