LOTRO Players News Episode 242: Pages and Privies

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This week Teri’s mom was our guest as we discussed the latest build on Bullroarer, hunter campfires, and our week in LOTRO.

Game News

Bullroarer Build #3

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LOTRO Players News

LOTRO Update 22: Build 2 Preview Video

[CC] The gearing road to Erebor U22 V0.2


New Player Question

(This question is specifically for hunters) How do campfires work? Can you only use them at a specific level?




  • Brushed off my OP Furball Sparebear to run with Mom’s burglar in the Shire. Finished out the Shire Prologue.
  • Ran around on BR and discovered that what the elves lack in snacks, the dwarves more than make up for.
  • Axli Shingshing helped some dwarves in fighting for dwarves in Moria.



  • Went raiding with PLOI twice this week. I got a surprise invite to join T3 skraids early in the week and replenished my marks. Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate with no possibility of being responsible for healing was refreshing. I was also the last hobbit standing once in the first boss fight of the Abyss with PLOI last night. Then got to go see Draigoch!!!
  • My Beorning on Landroval reached level 47 and has her first LIs now.
  • Went into bullroarer with Cyndars and found a level 116 signature mob that defeated both of our Beornings 3 times and our Beornings + a Captain once. He is definitely on our hitlist for another visit–possibly this weekend if he’s still there.



  • I leveled up my baby hunter to level 21 while grouping. The person I was grouping with was very fond of doing quests about 5-6 levels above him so it was entertaining trying to keep everyone alive. We tried the fellowship version of the quest on Weathertop but were just too squishy to be successful. Next time though!



  • My Evernight warden deeded with Stine, completed Epic 2.6, and started Mirkwood.
  • My Arkenstone warden finally finished the first chapter of the Black Book
  • During the field trip, my minstrel headed into Moria


News Beyond LOTRO

The Lord of the Rings: The Living Card Game Preview


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  1. Camp site fires for hunters basically works as additional guide skill. You can bind to one camp fire at a time, then you can teleport with your fellowship there. Some camp site fires are far away from any town, these are particularly useful while questing (for example Ost Haer in Lone Lands).

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