LOTRO Players News Episode 239: Pineleaf vs The Internet

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This week we discussed our week in LOTRO and the infamous blue screen of death.

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Critters Journey [63] To vault into Mordor


New Player Question

What are the High Elves shouting when they are in battle and what do those shouts mean?




  • Took me 4 tries, but Landroval!Teriadwyn has finally finished the elven allegiance session play and is on her way toward helping the elves.
  • LM Galebrilith is still using mithril coins to shortcut her way around Volume 1.
  • Rolled a new burglar for Grrlz of Middle-earth and led the way through part of the Shire mail run. Which I can recite without checking the deed.



  • Took Cyndars to Ales and Tales for a bit, did some dailies with her, and convinced her to join 3 people in an attempt on Naerband at 105 T1.
  • Got my beorning to level 45 and discovered the Halls of Night instance.
  • In a quest for Loremaster talismans, my jeweler gained kindred rep with the Lossoth and my main hunter discovered the Roots of Fangorn instance.



  • My Beorning Wynny The Pew is now 115 but she can’t solo a skirmish…..sigh
  • Took on Barad Guldur T2C, and challenge it was indeed. Made it through the gauntlet (and boy have we gotten soft these days!!!) and took down the first boss but we were exhausted at that point.
  • Dresedin the LM backtracked to run Book 10 of Volume III with some old questing buddies, then went back to Dunharrow to prep to go into Gondor



  • Fighting the internet…
  • Silvertine Lodes in Moria
  • Recorded an episode for the Lore Master series between blue screens
  • Made new characters on the field trip
  • Angmar with Sans and Cyndars


News Beyond LOTRO

Rivendell Region Guide Coming For Adventures In Middle-earth


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2Ton Gamer writes:

Hey everyone! Just listened to this weeks latest show and I wanted to give out a welcome to your newest podcasting family member and say what a great job she did for her first show. I imagine she was a bit nervous, but I hope that she will come back for more shows! Keep up the good work everyone and tell Buddha (spelling?) that I miss the squawks!


See ya around Landy,




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