LOTRO Players News Episode 237: Swarm of Goats

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This week we discussed epic battles and corruption removal skills.

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[CC] 99 instances – An epic big battle

Antipodean Writer: On Durin’s Bridge


New Player Question

What are corruption removal skills and how useful are they, really?




  • Arkenstone!Teri has resumed epic questing in Wildermore.
  • Axli Shinshing led the way deeper into Moria… after lunch
  • Dusted off LM Galebrilith and snoozed through the middle of Volume 1.



  • My hunter on Arkenstone found some goats to follow her around Wildermore and continued chasing Nurzum.
  • Joined PLOI for the end of a T2 Throne raid attempt that was stopped by the mumaks.
  • My bear got a stunt double and continued questing in the Misty Mountains.



  • 2018 is Maven’s Year of the Dual Box – 3 dual boxing pairs around Middle-earth
  • Wynny the Pew, Aria’s Beorning, is at 110 thanks to help from Coltyn and Glordriel
  • Beat my head against T2C instances, not once BUT TWICE



  • My Loremaster and Landroval hunter started questing in Moria proper
  • My Arkenstone hunter finally found her way out of a cave in Wildermore
  • My high-elf warden finished up questing in the Misties


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