LOTRO Players News Episode 235: Love That Stupid Little Goblin!


This week we continued our review of the Mordor expansion by reviewing Agarnaith.

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Agarnaith Review

LOTRO Players News is brought to us by the Court of Seregost

(Agarnaith review)

  • Black Book Chapter 3 Part 3 and Chapter 4
  • Landscape
  • Agarnaith storyline
  • Court of Seregost instance


LOTRO Players News

Deseret News Interviews Chance Thomas


New Player Question

If you get a character to level 15 and buy a house, then decide to delete the character, what happens to the house?




  • Went splat against a few more Mordor dailies. Teriadwyn is very salty about this.
  • Dusted off Stealtherina Nimbletoes, my Brandywine burglar, and caught up on Volume 2 of the epic story.
  • Caught the +Cord of the Rings stream this week!



  • My first beorning finally learned to make honey cakes while helping some hobbits.
  • Made a few trips up to Nar’s Peak with the field trip and tried to warn Candaith about the undead.
  • Introduced my sister to the allegiance dailies and epically failed a Court of Seregost 105 t2 run with 2 Lore-masters and a RK. Squishy RK is still squishy…



  • Biggest news: Completed the new raid!!! From a lore standpoint the most interesting piece is around the second boss, which harkens back to the High Elf intro story
  • Have my first agers for my cappy and LM, and will send them to see Eowyn as soon as I can



  • Lore-master headed for the gates of Moria
  • Hunter settled affairs in Eregion and headed for the gates of Moria
  • Saturday group helped some glass blowers in the North Farthing, then dealt with some Thievery and Mischief


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