LOTRO Players News Episode 233: The Best Time in the Bloody Gore


This week we discussed the release of update 21.3, the Yule Festival, and our week in LOTRO.

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Update 21.3

Yule Festival

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LOTRO Players News

Antipodean Writer: Lost Stanzas to: In Moria, In Khazad-dûm


Teri’s pick of the week:

Neo-Khuzdul Initiate Course!


New Player Question

Do you get the buffs/enhancements from legacies, settings, relics and so on, for *all* LIs in your LI panel, or just from the ones you have equipped? (via email)



  • Opened dailies! And ran into Ozifor from Away Shall Fade again.
  • Went raiding with PLOI and did some daily quests with them too.
  • Went skirmishing and questing in the Lone Lands on Arkenstone with my bumbling guardian.
  • Ran my RK on Landy into the last Agarnaith instance. Ugh!



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn did some solo play in Mordor, explored up to Seregost.
  • Thursday with Meyvan and Pinesap, had THE BEST time in the Bloody Gore!
  • Welldressed Killingmachine experienced the Yule Festival. Completed Tier 1 of the More the Merrier deed and has a new elk mount to match his new winter outfit.
  • Warden Meledhriel finished up in Thinglad and moved on to Stangard without encouraging the “bad” romance quest line.



  • My Landroval warden completed the last of the region in Mordor
  • My Crickhollow warden helped a rune-keeper survive an uruk camp in Agarnaith
  • Reached level 50 on my Gladden Lore-master while running some skirmishes


News Beyond LOTRO

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Heading To Steam

The Wilds of Rhovanion Coming In A New Deluxe Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game

One Ring RPG Bundle Up On Bundle Of Holding


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Featured Comments

Marmi left a comment on last week’s episode:

Well, I didn’t know for years that you can mail account bound items if you type your alt name first before adding such item to a mail.



Bella from Arkenstone writes:

First of all:

Thanks for my one my favourite shows! I’m eagerly looking forward to each Monday’s new episode (no live listening because Europe).


I have a new player question, regarding LIs:

Do you get the buffs/enhancements from legacies, settings, relics and so on, for *all* LI:s in your LI panel, or just from the ones you have equipped?


And here are my five cents of things I wished I had known when I started playing:


  1. Keep track of your class deeds from early on, level 20-30 or so. Check the lotro wiki and set a skill rotation that works them in smoothly.

That way you’ll achieve your class trait points earlier – and get to learn how to use your skills.

When you have your class deed trait points you can set up a rotation that suits your playstyle and purpose.

On my first alt, a lvl 80 hunter, I have completed one (1) class deed. Sigh.


  1. More on skill deeds: they turn *yellow* when you’re done for the day (shift-L). Discovered that after almost a year of playing. /facepalm


  1. Universal ingredient packs (UIPs) are super, super useful, especially if you’re an altaholic and need your mats to cover 10 or so alts 😉

Many kins have the (premium) ingredient crates from where you get them.


  1. If you’re VIP: get guilded. This is especially useful in combo with UIP:s – use your mats to get guilded, and your UIP:s to equip your alts with your fancy guild recipes.

And: scholar only need to reach Artisan of the Guild to buy all supreme dye recepies – combine with UIP and you can dye all your cosmetics all day long.

/ Bella, altaholic on Arkenstone


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  1. “Do you get the buffs/enhancements from legacies, settings, relics and so on, for *all* LI:s in your LI panel, or just from the ones you have equipped?”
    Only from equipped LIs…

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