Antipodean Writer: Lost Stanzas to: In Moria, In Khazad-dûm


Moria v2

In Moria, in Khazad-dûm
From mountain root, and hidden room
Awoke one day grim Durin’s Bane
Alas for dwarven-kind it came!

Deeply dwarves delved ‘neath mountain stone
For mithril ore to smelt and hone
And work – all for its beauty’s sake.
No more – with Durin’s Bane’s awake!
Its Name of Fear, spirit of fire
Has claimed the deepness of Moria!
Alas! The halls our fathers old
Have made are now but stories told
To younglings who have never seen
These places where their sires have been.
Most those who lived there all are dead
For Khazar-dûm’s a place of dread!
Moria called – a loathsome pit
For powers of darkness reign in it.

Will Durin’s folk return someday
To rebuild Khazad-dûm? They say:
When Durin wakes to rule his own
Dwarves shall return to mountain stone
With doughty hearts and there reclaim
Their homes, their hearths, their halls regain!
Once more will Khazad-dûm be fair
Darkness at last dispelled from there.

Never forget the dwarves are fain
To come unto their own again
Whence is destroyed eld Durin’s Bane.

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