LOTRO Players News Episode 232: Sanswinda’s a Spider!


This week we discussed the release notes for Monday’s update and our week in LOTRO.

Game News

Monday Downtime for Update 21.3

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New Player Question

Not really a new player question…but something new players would enjoy knowing:


After you’d gotten experienced in playing LOTRO, what is something that you found out about gameplay that made you slap your forehead? (Example: Andang not knowing about opening recipes before selling them)




  • Got lost in the Haunted Burrow with the Grrlz of Middle-earth.
  • Failed to explore the Bloody Gore on Teriadwyn, beyond some sightseeing.
  • Welldressed Killingmachine joined the Ale Association to make fun of hobbits and dwarves.



  • Got a baby spider to rank 3 and splurged on some mits for it.
  • Went raiding with PLOI and got to watch a slideshow of them killing spiders over the top of me long after they’d actually finished the raid and distributed loot.
  • Got some more scrolls and starlit crystals from the Court of Seregost instance and am working to unlock dailies.



  • Went epic battling in a raid with PLOI, Pelargir and Helm’s Dike, fun to go with people who actually know the strategy
  • In other raiding, did Helegrod raids backwards (dragon first) at Tier II, sort of with Sanswinda
  • Did the new 3 man and 6 man at 105 just to run through mechanics for new people. Next week: 115!



  • My Crickhollow warden completed the final allegiance quest and reached celebrated with Conquest of Gorgoroth. I then followed an invisible goblin.
  • My Laurelin warden eavesdropped on a meeting in Mordor.
  • On Gladden, my Lore-master ran some skirmishes.
  • During the field trip, led a small fellowship in some skirmishes.


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