LOTRO Players News Episode 231: Conga Lines of Orcs


This week we continued our review of the Mordor expansion by reviewing Talath Urui.

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Talath Urui Review

LOTRO Players News is brought to us by the fractured forces of Fushaum Bal

  • Black Book Chapter 3 Part 2
  • Landscape
  • Fushaum Bal storyline
  • Arena storyline
  • Naerband
  • Nargroth


LOTRO Players News

[CC] 99 instances – The angmar experience 1/2


New Player Question

What is the emote panel for, and how do you find it?





  • Finished up Talath Urui with the Thursday group, accidentally caused the group to fail the final instance because I didn’t get the memo to hide.
  • Did some more of Angmar with my level 105 LM, made it through to Carn Dum, wandered around the Circle of Despair for funsies.
  • Taught Mom how to mini.



  • Unintentionally went through the High Elf Intro twice–apparently you can’t log out halfway through :/
  • Got two new people into LOTRO (yay!). We quested through the beginning of the dwarven starter area, got into some PvP fights, and had some fun with the emote panel



  • Talked with a crazy dwarf and found a slain gwiber. Also Rivendelled the log bridge… Ooops!
  • Met a high rank hunter outside Thorin’s Hall and learned some cool things while earning scrolls and starlit crystals together.
  • Took baby wargs to the Ettenmoors with my sister and nephew and had a few incidents, but a lot of fun.



  • Ran Glordriel through MT dailies, what I now call the REVENGE runs, a bunch of times cuz Fang needs scrolls.
  • Soloed the Mordor 3-man a bunch and all I got was a few scrolls!
  • Continued to run my not-so-baby-anymore hunter through Forochel…stuff isn’t orange and red now, though, so she’ll have to move on, either to Eregion or Moria



  • Ran most of the Dwarven allegiance storyline. I have one more quest to go.
  • Laurelin warden headed into a nasty swamp.
  • Lore-master finished up my time in Eregion and started a skirmish month


News Beyond LOTRO

Moria Coming To The One Ring And Adventures In Middle-earth RPG


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  1. “What is the emote panel for, and how do you find it?”
    Open menu and select Collections (or press shift+C). You’ll see collections panel (it was added a while ago). Then click 3rd tab on the left, you are in emote panel.
    There you can see which emotes you have, which you lack and how to obtain them. You can also preview all emotes (left click) or use those you already have (double click).

  2. Sam Burke /

    I feel your pain, Aerindys. First time I did the High Elf Intro, I had to do it three times before I got out in Celondim, Ered Luin. First I had to logout for dinner after the talk with the “Swan Prince”, when I logged back in, I was back at the beginning. Second time, I explored the corners in the healing halls of Elrond, got stuck, and had to do the stuck/unstuck command, which put me back at the beginning again.

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