LOTRO Players News Episode 230: Pineleaf’s Bedtime

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This week we discussed the producer’s letter and Pineleaf’s bedtime.

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  • Skirmished extremely irresponsibly with the Grrlz of Middle-earth.
  • LOTRO with Mom, “exploring” Northcotton Farm.
  • Took advantage of the Valar sale to take my LM who’s been languishing in Moria to level 105, so now she can languish in Angmar.



  • Skirmished my way to level 80 with my sister so I could skirmish irresponsibly with the Grrlz of Middle-earth.
  • Brushed my beorning off and freed her from the crafting hall to tour Northcotton Farm. She opened two enmity deeds too, so she’s definitely been hanging out by forges for too long.
  • Ran Sans through Naerband and into Agarnaith. I even attempted the Seregost 3-person instance at lvl 105 Tier 2 solo on accident, which was interesting…



  • Finally bit the bullet and sold/bought the house in Belfalas, which led to lots of storage re-organization.
  • My up and coming hunter completed her level 40ish class quests and is about to go get her first LI
  • I practiced Zen and the Art of Minstrelsy in the final solo quest in the Seregost region.



  • My Laurelin warden failed at diplomacy in Fushaum Bal.
  • Created a new High Elf Warden on Landroval to quest in Northcotton Farm.
  • Completed the Gondor allegiance line – I now have three lines completed on my main.
  • Participated in a mass lore-master tour of Archet.


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Jim a.k.a. Oz left a comment on last week’s episode:


Hello Sanswinda and team from Ozifor, a long-time listener on the “Away Shall Fade” Kin. I was running my RK (unsuccessfully) with you, Sanswinda, and Kin in Naerband! I’ll be running the instance a third time pretty soon. I feel your RK pain. I wish I could use your segment at the 30 min mark as a testimonial – you captured it so well. Thank you! Looking forward to sharing the podcast with everyone on our next “Ash Wednesday “ Mordor run.


Really enjoying the podcast. You all do a terrific job!


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