LOTRO Players News Episode 229: The Floor is Lava

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This week we discussed the newest build on Bullroarer and Tolkien news beyond LOTRO.

Game News

Bullroarer Build 4

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[CC] How big is Bingo Boffin?

Antipodean Writer: Arwen’s Lament


New Player Question

What are the benefits to doing dailies? How do you do them? How do they work?




  • Was busy with real life, so no LOTRO this week. 🙁



  • Fought my way into Naerband 3 times to get to that sorry instance after dying in it because of a power-loss induced disconnect. The instance itself was way easier on my hunter once I finally got into it without losing power.
  • Killed bees and wolves and oxen in Dunland, then apologized for killing the oxen.
  • Worked on power-leveling the captain/guardian duo my sister and I had gotten into Moria.



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn acquired a snake from the Gorgoroth rewards vendor, then smashed her way through Naerband to get out of jail (not for free, alas).
  • Warden Meledhriel finished up in the Gravenwood and got sent for a ‘guest stay’ at Isengard.
  • Welldressed Killingmachine shook off the dust to attend part of the concert preceding the DHS event.



  • My Lore-master unlocked Eastern Angmar.
  • My Laurelin warden completed Lhingris.
  • Helped Glorfindel kill a Balrog


News Beyond LOTRO

Lord Of The Rings TV Show Officially Coming To Amazon Prime

Christopher Tolkien resigns as director of the Tolkien Estate


Teri’s pick of the week: Elves, Balrogs, and Nazgûl: 16 Possible Plots for the Lord of the Rings TV Series


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  1. Jim - Oz /

    Hello Sanswinda and team from Ozifor, a long-time listener on the “Away Shall Fade” Kin. I was running my RK (unsuccessfully) with you, Sanswinda, and Kin in Naerband! I’ll be running the instance a third time pretty soon. I feel your RK pain. I wish I could use your segment at the 30 min mark as a testimonial – you captured it so well. Thank you! Looking forward to sharing the podcast with everyone on our next “Ash Wednesday “ Mordor run.

    Really enjoying the podcast. You all do a terrific job!

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