Antipodean Writer: Arwen’s Lament

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Arwen @ Aragorn's Bier

Now my lord is dead! Gone to join the dead! In the House of the Kings he lies
In the Silent Street he lies still as stone, on the bier where he last closed his eyes.
‘Tis a bitter gift doomed to mortal men: I must bear it. How much I’ve lost!
It’s too heavy for us immortal-born to bear: so never did I count the cost!

I have laid me down on Cerin Amroth – where my lord plighted troth to me.
Then I gazed to the West where all elves must go – I renounced it, for the love of he.
When the darkness passed, as the Twilight fades, the elves depart by ship I know.
Back to Eldamar where the Valar dwell. Mandos’ Doom on us doth make it so.

Here the mallorn leaves fall to cover me, as I rest, laying down my head
On this hill of green, looking at the stars. This place shall well become my bed.
Lórien emptied all of its elven folk – who recalls of what we did? Whyfor?
Only trees shall recollect that we elves once were – we who planted them long centuries before.

Elrond! Father, dear! I forget you not! Though you’re far away over sea-foam
Still I love you yet! Me, your dear Arwen! Though I lie upon this hill alone.
Cerin Amroth feels the spring I’ll never see – for I sense my mortal doom draws nigh.
Now I understand what all mortals know: as an elf-maid I should never die.

Sundered from the earth, the circles of Eä, I shall journey on where mens’ souls go.
Elf-home Eldamar, I will never see. Father dearest – why does love bring woe?
When Iluvatar all the world remakes: Aragorn and I, shall both we see
You and mother then? I shall still hope on. Only Valar know what yet must be.

But the night draws on and the air is chill. Niphredil close up their flowery heads
As do elanor – though their sweet perfumes sweetly scent the air above our beds.
Mallorn leaves cover me as my warm blood chills. My heart slows. I doubt I will awake
To see morn’s sunrise. Aragorn – I come! I shall come and join you for love’s sake!

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