LOTRO Players News Episode 228: Dragging Their Kites

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This week we discussed the newest Bullroarer build for Update 21.3.

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Bullroarer Build 3


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New Player Question

How do Lore-Masters have two pets out at the same time?




  • Roving Threats of the Wastes with Grrlz of Middle-earth
  • Meledhriel got to level 75 and achieved her war-steed! Then went back to questing in Dunland.
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn earned the title of Master Mangler, which she’s still not relinquishing Skirmisher of Middle-earth for. Orc Dress-up: Once More, With Feeling did not go as well as in Lhingris.



  • Was defeated by watching stone spirits and helped run some trains of orcs out of Thorzhaf before fighting solo in the tournament on my Aria’d hunter.
  • Went raiding with PLOI.
  • Got to the 21st Hall officially, in the epic story, on my Captain who is running with my sister’s Guardian.
  • Did lots of crafting and Roving Threat hunting.



  • During field trip on Arkenstone, we traveled through the Lone Lands
  • Ran dailes on my main. The Mount Doom resource instance is tough – I had less than 3 minutes on the clock when I finished it and I wasn’t going about grabbing resources.
  • On Gladden my Lore-master finished the Misties and headed to Angmar.
  • On Laurelin, I made it to Cirith Ungol and killed many spiders.

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  1. So, Pineapedia had no entry for Dad Jokes either…

    • “How do Lore-Masters have two pets out at the same time?”
      LMs can summon theirs class specific pets (combat or non-combat after class quest at lvl28 or so) like they always could. Once cosmetic pets were introduced to Lotro they can summon them just as every other class.
      That way they can have 2 at the same time 🙂

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