[CC] 99 instances – Agamaur


We’re continuing our tour of free instances while we enter the Lone lands. Towards the north-east you’ll find Garth agarwen or agamaur as some know it. It has been an oddball in lotros instances ever since it inception. It has always been popular with the leveling characters, never had much of revamp and always been separate instance for the two 3 mans and the 6 man fortress itself.

The instances
Garth agarwen is a set of 2 small fellowships and one 6-man instance. This setup we’ll encounter more during our travels across Middle-earth. Each instance has their own theme with a big boss at the end and some quests along the way. Each end boss will have a challenge from which you can earn extra Eglain tokens. 5 of which will give you the chance to get one of the best weapons for a level 32 that will stick with you till the late 30’s.

Eglain reputation
The lanky looking guys south of Ost Guruth you brought warg fur and boar parts as a peace-offering are called the Earth kin, but will in turn give you eglain reputation. As opposed to the earlier reputation factions you wont reach kindred as easily as Bree or the shire. These ancient hunters are in-game later on in Angmar and the North downs. A daily run a day will make sure the rep boogies will stay away. Bring along your reputation accelerators cause the eglain don’t hand out items to use.

When the game launched you met Radagast for the epic book and he will take you for a little tour around the outside of agamaur. Nearly all the quests in the lonelands lead up to the different parts of the area. The bog lurker and norbogs let you towards Grimbarks the Huorn, the wights in the ancient ruins to Ivar. These two would have an item you would need to find in the landscape before the instance entrie of the two 3-mans. Each area with its own theme and large amount of elites. Heading towards the portals you would run into the barter guy and several hill man and a new red swamp that has the source of the corruption centered in the 6-man.

It presented the first combined quest, small fellowship and instance area that would recur in later parts of lotro. Working your way up the difficulty ladder and slowly finding the source of the evil that presented itself to you earlier.
This still remains present and being run by plenty of players. The river lady and ivar remaining relevant far later in lotro then you would have thought back then.

History Instance area
Having an entire area events accumulating to a climax in either an epic story or instance was more prevalent in the early years. Over time the instance have had their own quest chains or were build right into the epic story. While the great barrows had some pre-quests that would result in quest with item inside fornost and agamaur have several quest chains that would start as a solo quest to kill wights, then signature gaunt lords for small fellowships leading you to the urn that’s needed for the full fellowship quest in the Fortress.

While the entire area of the Lone lands had his quests streamlined. The area of Agamaur and Garth agarwen had remained relatively untouched. They added a set of auto-bestow instead of the normal quests. But not much has changed over the years. The reputation, story and great weaponry you can is still there. Just remember to let the Creoths sacrifice themself on the altars. They are just really eager to give you the challenge rewards.

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