LOTRO Players News Episode 224 – A Spider for Sans

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This week we discussed cosmetic pets and Update 21.2.

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The Norbog News – The war is over and other mordor news

[CC] 99 instances – The great barrows


New Player Question

How does filtering of items work? (Teri)




  • Ran all of Helegrod with the Grrlz of Middle-earth, then Landroval!Teri helped a hobbit do an extremely long epic battle.
  • Running dwarf Rune-keeper Dirgi through Harvestmath festival quests.
  • LOTRO with Mom this morning, helped her finish some of her outstanding Lone Lands quests (until she clicked the ‘return to kin house’ button and spent 20 minutes getting out of the housing neighborhood).



  • I made some monsters–fairly literally, as I helped my sister create a warg and my nephew get to level 10 to create a reaver.
  • Ran retaking Weathertop with a group of captains, wardens, and guardians during the field trip.
  • Got the painted skeleton steed on Sans the first time she checked the poorly hidden chest this week.



  • Continued having a blast doing only orange and red quests on my baby hunter (though not so baby now…she’s at 40 and in Forochel)
  • Scored a naked mole rat pet in a lootbox in Mordor…his name, of course, is Rufus
  • Introduced my Aria’d High Elf, Tinnfang Warble, to the Harvest Festival. He was kind of above it all but he did like the cosmetics and now has a brand new outfit.



  • Learned why hobbits don’t wear shoes
  • My warden participated in a FI Lost Temple run. I must have never done the instance before because I had to do the In Their Absence parts during the run.
  • During the field trip, we finished up Book 1 and ran through the northern Barrow Downs.


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Featured Comments

Marmi left a comment on last week’s episode:

About new player question…

Infused garnet (and adamant, sapphire) is an item which is required to be able to do some repeatable instance quests in Dolven View and Echad Dunann which in turn gets you some LI stuff (like LI title, runes, relics etc.) as a reward. Think of them as tickets to enter these instances 🙂

Usually I’m doing a quest which gives me ancient-dwarf damage title in Dolven View (actually Beleriand damage title is overall better but it requires 3 people on level in Echad Dunann).

It seems I’m currently on duty with new player questions 🙂


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  1. How does filtering of items work? (Teri)

    You need unwanted item in your bags first. Then you open filter window (Alt+R) and drag that item to left side (filtering for that toon) or right side (account wide filtering). You’ll never see that item again. For LIs it’s long and tedious process since you have to filter each type of LI for each class to get rid from all of them… I wish we could filter all LIs for other classes than my own by using a button or something 🙂

    • They can also be filtered from the pending loot by clicking one of the 2 new buttons or dragged from vault. No need to go vault-bags-filter.

  2. Flosiin /

    A little addition to the new player question to the infused items you get from Moria.
    I originally posted this on my.lotro.com back in 2010. This can be a bit of work but here’s one way to gain a lot of runes/settings/gems that you can equip on your legendary item/weapon. In Delven View (across from the stable master) is 2 Dwarfs. Each dwarf has 3 quests. They come available when your at level 54, 56 and 58. You’ll need a infused ruby(lvl 54), infused saphire(lvl 56) or infused adament(lvl 58) for each of the quests.
    So here’s what you’ll need for just one run. Have 4 legendary’s equiped that your leveling, 4 tablets/rusted tools that you can trade in for 4 more legendary and one of the infused gems.
    Go into one of the quest and complete. Once done, don’t turn in the quest-rather go over to the Relic master, deconstruct the fisrt 4 legendary items. Now equip 4 new legendary’s, visit the dwarf to turn in your quest you just completed. This should level all 4 of your legendary’s to level 3-5. Visit the Relic master again to deconstruct those 4 legendary’s. Equip 4 more legendary’s and start the next quest and repeat for all the repeatable quests.
    At level 58+, I’d have 2 of each of the infused gems(6 total) and 28 tablets/rusted tools/legendaries. When I deconstructed I’d end up with 3-6 settings/gems/runes per legendary. In total I could end up with 80-100+ settings/gems/runes. Combine them to get higher tiers and repeat this whole process the next day.
    On of the rewards you can get is a relic that you can deconstruct for even more settings/gems/runes.

    This same basic concept will also with locations that have daily quest and reward IXP.
    I hope this all makes sense and is helpful. Good luck and have fun!


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