Antipodean Writer: Set Sail for Eldamar


Grey Havens v2

Parting was hard and bitter-sweet. Then sailing cross the foam
Far oversea into the west: for Elrond sailed alone.
His salty tears with ocean mixed en route to Eldamar.
So Elrond, where your children three? Tell on – say where they are.

Elrohir and Elladan – twin sons. Both marched to fight the war:
To Aragorn both boys are sworn: for King they’re fighting for
‘Gainst Saruman, against Sauron: marching to fight and slay
Restoring kingdoms and their crowns. In Middle Earth they’ll stay.

Arwen – his only daughter too. She now is Gondor’s Queen.
She’s wooed and won by Aragorn – but think what might have been!
Once elf – she is a mortal now. When dead is Aragorn
Whence can she go? What can she do? – when death makes her forlorn?

To greet at last Celebrían! Embracing, sharing joys
And shedding tears for: daughter lost and also their dear boys.
Arwen was wed to Aragorn, their twins too stayed behind.
Elrond and Celebrían take what comfort they can find.

In Middle Earth mankind remain: soon all elves will have gone
Into the West, beyond the seas, into the setting sun.
Cerin Amroth makes Arwen’s grave. Both twins in Gondor died.
Elrond lives on in Elven-home – Celebrían by his side.

Yet all this happed so long ago: such dooms must we abide.
But after all the world is changed: what after will betide?

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