Mordor 21.2.1.b?



It has been a busy few days in SSG and here on our website. The instance update has taken care of this. First, we reacted to Cordovans first announcement to the mistake that has happened. Then, with a great community effort, we announced the different solution that SSG has come up with. And ultimately, we announced the update they released today.

Sadly, this update comes with a different set of kinks in the build. The one that was quickly noticed is that the instance and loot box armour (but not the jewellery) has also been reduced in stats, not only the Ash barter armour we had traded for.


Today’s hotfix incorrectly reduced the power of Level 330 Incomparable items acquired through the new Instances and Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes. We are working on a fast correction to this issue, and expect to release a hotfix this weekend. Players with incorrectly-reduced items will see those items automatically returned to their proper power level after the hotfix.

But another one has also happened. As I feared, given the experience with down and upscaling in LOTRO, the downscaling didn’t really go well. It has been actually great news to see that we didn’t lose too much light, but it wasn’t that great to see that now level 330 armour is lower in stats than our lower level items.



Bad news for players who bartered for new gold rings is that there has been some change there too. The rings with the barter price of 3300 are now also available through an upgrade of the old gold rings for 800 Ash of Gorgoroth. The upgrade is only available for the 326 gold rings, not the rings from the loot boxes, which may have been of a higher level.

Now, all of this keeps me wondering what kind of Inception-like story is behind this. A hotfix in a hotfix in a hotfix. What do you call a hotfix in a hotfix? Does it get hotter or colder? A lukewarm fix? I really have no clue. And while I do support SSG when it comes to people actually figuring out the mechanics of the game, I am not sure if they really did adjust the damage dealt by bosses properly. As per other player’s testimony, the Dungeons of Naerband last boss hits too hard. I won’t speak more to this since I didn’t yet have the time or a chance to test it. I did test Court of Seregost t2c and the last fight there reset on our group several times. Not a failed instance because of too many bats got away or something, just a random reset. If someone has a clue why this is happening, please let us know.

In any case, the solution they did come up with the gear was a good middle ground, I’d say, but another bug and inadequate scaling aren’t doing SSG any favours.

I hope you’re not all fed up with this topic, but I feel now that we have started covering it, we also need to follow and cover it until resolved.


  1. Flower Power /

    Arred keep up the good work. Surely there will be someone that will be offended and protest and have issues even with this post you just wrote. It’s the sign of the times now.

    • Thank you. Sadly you are right. Even if I were to start writing jokes here, someone would be offended.

  2. They incorrectly fixed some items from lootbox/instances in last patch.
    But reduced power from previously ash bartered items is intended – they said it should be similar to rare lvl330 gear. So compare to lvl330 purple items whether it’s reduced as intended or not (I don’t know, can’t run game currently). They are worse than previous level 327 teal – true. But they are ‘artificially’ nerfed and ‘cursed’ so they they don’t represent normal lvl330 teal items. Also armor retained 2 essence slots afaik allowing t10 essences at the same time which compensate a bit in this case (previously some parts were lvl112, so not allowing t10 essences).
    Bartering upgraded gold rings only acquired previously from ash vendor is intended and mentioned in patch notes. They allow rings upgrade only for people who grinded 2600 ash before, so they don’t have to grind from scratch. No easy way for lootbox rings.
    So they are probably going to change/fix only lootbox/instance drop, so they are not nerfed anymore. Whether it’s just or not it’s up to players of course.
    But we have now 50MC for every account so I guess it’s ease the pain from this for most people…

    • True, it is the same as purple 330 gear. But nevertheless, it’s weaker even than 326 teal. People who bartered the gear went for an upgrade, not a downgrade. And yes, the essence slots remain.
      Gold rings are mentioned in the notes, yes. I only mentioned that the upgrade option wasn’t there in the previous update, so some people spent 3300 instead of 800.

      • We can agree at this point I think 🙂
        They could lower stats to equal lvl326 teal instead, that would be better solution. I guess most people will exchange cursed gear (mine shoulders were even Cursedd 🙂 for normal version as soon as they can anyway, so that’s not big problem imho.
        On the other hand people who spent 3300 ash on rings just because there wasn’t barter option before are screwed. I hope they can get back ash by contacting GM…
        There are some other good things from this like lower ash barter price than initially intended and greater amount of black steel keys from dailies than before. I think they initially intended to give us 1/3-2/3 per day (only sliver 1-2x/day) but we can actually get 2/3-4/3 per day. I’m in fortunate situation since I can do dailies twice usually, but I do feel it’s not just for many…
        Instances are still bugged more or less, I’m curious if LoS issues can be intended though, we’ll see if they correct change that or not…

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