The Norbog News – The war is over and other mordor news

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Aragorn and the forces of the Free people have prevailed at the Battle of the black gate. After a victorious charge by our allies from Rohan at the pelennor fields. Time had come to take the battle deeper into Mordor. Rumours have been out there was a secretive mission by a group of delta-hobbits behind enemy lines that infiltrated the enemies stronghold and disrupted their communication tower. But the war is over!

Gwaihir left or right wing?
In an exclusive interview by Gwahir the lord of the eagles he finally commented if the actions taken by the eagles were left wing or right wing. Gwahir: “The hobbits went from left to right, north and south. They were all over my wings. Aragorn had been waiting for so long we got bored. I’ve had too many fermented berries the morning our call for help came in. I was drunk and i apologise for it.”

The heart of a nation destroyed
Withered tree spokesperson Ame Hoela accused Aragorn of destroying the heart of Gondor by taking down the white tree. “It was old, but it was ours”. Aragorn soon responded by showing of the new sapling to the people of Minas Tirith.

Wholesome allegiance hazing 
After several humans fell down the stairs of Erebor the overseeing Allegiance comittee has ordered that dwarfs reduce the number of alcohol tokens available to humans and elfs. And as a precaution that hobbits do the same with their food carts to prevent any ill humans Fall festival. The place is scary enough without those events.

New cd released by the heavy metal group – Warbands of the Valar. 
After last months delay due to lava induced injuries during the recording of the video clip The Warband of the Valar  will release their new cd soon. Their previous Mordor sound track has been a best-seller in the hobbit-top 100. We took a chance with Thomas as our executive producer and it was a smash hit.

No nature reserve for Mordor critters and Cormallan restoration started
Aragorn announced that Mordor will not be turned into a nature reserve, but instead the walls of Pelenor will not be rebuilt. Allowing critters to roam freely into Gondor if they so wish to choose.  The fields of Cormallan restoration project has gone underway after the damage done to this one pristine glade of trees.

Bingo boffin reunited with family
After his previous disappearance for more than a year Bingo Boffin has finally shown himself in the limelight again. Boffin, “i needed some time to reflect on my travels”. His families declaration of insanity were widely published in this newspaper. Bingo boffin said he felt alone after his friends returned to their homelands. His family needed to adjust as well. But Bingo Boffin has reconciled with his cousins after an intervention by George from sandons farm. He’s spending some well deserved story time with his family at the Fall festival terrain.


  1. Ecrindhon /

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is this a new thing “Norbog News”?
    Whether or not, very fun and clever.

  2. Squirle /

    It’s a gathering of smaller ideas I’ve had over time. Too short for a critters journey episode, but too long for a Twitter post. Now was a pretty good time for some light-hearted news in lotro.

    Will there be more? Not sure. Have to have the ideas and time. Still looking for a good way to make some new critters in Mordor.

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