LOTRO Players News Episode 223: Moria Goat Waste Janitor

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This week we had Druidsfire as our guest and discussed Extra Life and our week in LOTRO.

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LOTRO Players News

[CC] The scale of scaling

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New Player Question

I have a few “infused garnets” in my inventory and I’m not sure what they are for. They are for LIs, right? What do they do?




  • Got into a tree-related pun-fest in world chat while leveling up my champ, and it was unbe-LEAF-able
  • Tried to take on some of the red level mobs in the Redhorn Loads; was able to kill one, and played a game of lethal ring-around-the-rosy with another
  • Became the Moria Goat Waste Janitor



  • Met Teri’s High Elf mini in the North Downs on my champion and went questing with her. Things died much faster…
  • Went into Lhingris twice… yay for spider night x 2 :/ Sans has a new spider proof outfit to help out.
  • Did parts of epic volume 3 and epic volume 1 on different alts during the field trip.



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn has reached level 115 and has completed chapters 2 & 3 of her Gondor allegiance. Also restarted some hype about the still-unattainable Swan-knight Steed.
  • Downwithbears has completed through Volume 1, Book 3 and is too low level to begin Book 4.
  • Greyistheshadow worked on crafting while hanging out in chat with the LOTRO Academy folks.



  • Fall Festival / Haunted Burrow HYPE
  • Mythgard in Mordor
  • Leveling one’s crafting



  • Burglar reached level 115 after having a discussion with some ents. I also got a Pick -a-mount box but I will not choose the mount until after the new mount panel is dropped..
  • Resumed my long-dormant Lore-master series. I started at the second hub in the Trollshaws.
  • My Crickhollow, my warden cured a sick ranger and met a most unexpected group in Mordor.


News Beyond LOTRO



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Featured Comments

Marmi left a comment on last week’s episode:

About new player question…

You mean you have pieces you can’t sell to a vendor because they don’t have coin value?

In this case it usually means they were good at some point in game and not likely to be vendored. They even removed coin value from some gear long ago to prevent accidentally selling and selling intentionally on hacked/stolen accounts. Gear sets often don’t have vendor value due to above reasons as far as I know.

Of course if you have higher level gear with better stats you can drop/destroy these without value.

If you mean pieces you can’t sell to other players or post on AH it usually means they are bound to character or account (read description), you can however sell them to vendor.



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One comment

  1. Marmi /

    About new player question…
    Infused garnet (and adamant, sapphire) is an item which is required to be able to do some repeatable instance quests in Dolven View and Echad Dunann which in turn gets you some LI stuff (like LI title, runes, relics etc.) as a reward. Think of them as tickets to enter these instances 🙂
    Usually I’m doing a quest which gives me ancient-dwarf damage title in Dolven View (actually Beleriand damage title is overall better but it requires 3 people on level in Echad Dunann).
    It seems I’m currently on duty with new player questions 🙂

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