Poems of the Pine: The Ring of Power

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Can we possibility survive this encounter?

Book 9 – The Ring of Power

At the point of despair
The pressure was eased
As the eagles arrived
To reverse the tide.
The Nazgûl fled south
To Sauron’s aid,
Till the gate groaned
With a ghastly crash.
Then Landroval carried us
To the ledge of Doom
To find our friends
Frodo and Sam.
They were tired, hungry,
hurt but alive
So they were carried to a place
Of peace and rest.
Frodo remained quiet
On how the quest was won
For pain and peril
Pressed in his mind.
We asked for the tale
Of the terrible day
When Frodo arrived
To the Fires of Doom.
When at the Forges of Doom
Frodo claimed the ring
Gollum grasped the gold.
He then danced with his prize
In a dangerous place
Till he stepped too close to the chasm.

Does this mean we can finally rest?

Pineleaf Needles

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